Voter Resources

We want to make sure you are completely prepared this election season. Start by downloading our Voter Checklist and explore the content below. Each section will take you to the right resources to check off your list. You can scroll down the page or click the topic from this list below to be taken to that section.

  • Register or Check Party Affiliation

  • Vote by Mail

      1. We created an entire Vote By Mail (VBM) page to help you be fill out and return your ballot successfully!
      2. Voting by mail allows you the leisure to vote your way, at your schedule without any hassles. Click here to request your VBM ballot.
      3. You can still vote in person if you request to VBM. Simply bring your VBM ballot and Florida ID to your polling place and give it to your election worker. They will have you sign your VBM ballot over, and give you a new ballot to vote in person with on Election Day.
      4. Last day to request to VBM is October 29th for the next election, however we suggest you request it at least 2 weeks before each election date. We actually suggest mailing the completed VBM ballot back by October 24th for in-county voters to allow for delays in mail delivery, so you will want to request it well before the deadline. (For voters who are currently out-of-county we suggest overnighting your ballot back to the county as soon as possible! USPS delays are unpredictable and any ballots received after the day of the election WILL NOT BE COUNTED!
  • Early Voting

    • Vote early and avoid the crowd! The Florida Keys has 5 early voting locations spread out from Key West to Key Largo. Click here to find your Early Voting location.
    • October 24 – November 5
    • Make sure you review a sample ballot before you go to vote so that you are prepared and can vote blue all the way down the ticket! You can view your sample ballot HERE.
  • What’s on the Ballot?

    1. Familiarize yourself with the candidates and issues before you step into the booth. You can see the candidates we are endorsing here.
    2. There are many important races happening this November that will be critical in ensuring that Florida Democrats are represented in Tallahassee. By looking at the sample ballot you will be able to learn about those candidates and make sure you vote on every race and issue. 
  • Make a Plan to Vote!

    • Did you know making a voting plan will help increase the likelihood of following through on your intentions? Answer the following questions and be fully prepared to vote this election!
      • How will you vote?
      • Where will you vote?
        • Do you know where your polling or early voting location is? Scroll up to find out where!
          • How will you get there? Need a ride?
        • Will you be mailing your VBM ballot (in-county mailed by October 24th, out-of-county we suggest you fill it out and overnight it back as soon as possible!), or will you be returning it to one of three Supervisor of Election’s office, or one of the two early voting locations? Check out our VBM page to learn everything you need to know!

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