Voter Assistance

Florida Keys Democrats are passionate about supporting everyone’s right to vote. With so many distractions and so much fake news, we strive to help any registered voter understand the facts about voting in Monroe County, and to be able to vote in spite of the challenges we all face this year.

Our Voter FAQs page may have the answers you’re looking for. If not, you can request certain vital services from our Voter Assistance Team. We will…

  • answer your general questions about the voting process
  • show you how to track your vote by mail ballot online, and how to contact the Supervisor of Elections
  • give you the correct location(s) and hours for you to securely and safely drop off your ballot, vote early, or vote on election day
  • pick up your vote by mail ballot and deliver it directly to the Supervisor of Elections
  • arrange for one of our volunteers to drive you to deposit your ballot, vote early, or vote on election day.

Our team will ** not ** tell you for which candidates and ballot issues to vote. You are instead encouraged to visit our endorsement and ballot issue recommendation pages.

We are proud to offer this service. Thank you in advance for voting in this critical election.

Bert Sise, Chair, Monroe County Democratic Executive Committee
Liz Lustberg, Voter Assistance Team Leader

Request assistance by clicking here, or going to https://bit.ly/keys_voter_assist

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