Vote By Mail Safely and Securely

Everything you need to know to vote by mail, return your ballot and then make sure it was received. Click the topic below to be taken there directly:

Request your Vote By Mail ballot

Learn how to properly fill out your ballot

Find the nearest dropbox location

Track your ballot

What to do if you’re mailing your ballot

If you don’t return your ballot by election day, you can still vote. It is not a problem at all. Take your VBM ballot to your polling site. They will destroy that ballot and give you a new one to vote at the polls.

VBM ballots were sent out to voters on September 24th

Request Your VBM Ballot

Have your say the easy way!

Properly Fill Out Your Ballot


  • When you get your ballot make sure it is addressed to you. If it is addressed to someone else let your mail carrier and supervisor of elections know immediately.


  • Fill in the oval next to your choice completely with a blue or black pen. Partially filled in ovals could result in your vote not being counted.
  • If you mess up ask for a new ballot, do not cross out or your vote may not be counted.
  • Vote on each race: down-ballot races are more important than ever. Check out our sample ballot with the candidates we are supporting HERE.


  • Place your ballot inside the secrecy folder that was included and place both inside the return envelope and seal it closed.
  • IMPORTANT: Sign the envelope over the seal where the directions direct you to.
  • Your signature must match the signature you have on file with the Supervisor of Elections office.

Find the Nearest Dropbox Location

Return your ballot postage free!


530 Whitehead St #101, Key West


Big Pine Key Community Park, End of Sands Road, 31009 Atlantis Dr


10015 Overseas Hwy, Marathon


Islamorada Branch Library, 81830 Overseas Hwy., MM. 81.7


102050 Overseas Hwy #137, Key Largo

During Early Voting, October 19-31, it is recommended that you use a dropbox at either the SOE office or an Early Voting site to be assured your ballot will be counted.

  • 530 Whitehead St #101, Key West
  • 10015 Overseas Hwy, Marathon
  • 102050 Overseas Hwy #137, Key Largo
  • Big Pine Key Community Park, End of Sands Road, 31009 Atlantis Dr
  • Islamorada Branch Library, 81830 Overseas Hwy., MM. 81.7

Track Your Ballot

Ensure your ballot was counted!

Mailing it back?

Use 3 forever stamps and mail your ballot before October 19th (in county). If you are out of county we suggest your overnight your ballot before October 19th. After its been mailed you can track your ballot, ensuring it was received and counted!

If you live outside the county, return your ballot as soon as possible. We recommend you overnight it to make sure it arrives on time.

Benefits of Voting by Mail

  • It’s proven safe and effective.
    • Ballots mailed in Monroe County remain in Monroe County, and will be expedited, not delayed.
  • You can vote from the comfort of your home.
    • Skip the long lines and avoid the crowds!
  • You can take the time to research the candidates and issues on the ballot, rather than being rushed at the polls.
  • There will be 5 drop box locations throughout the Keys for postage-free ballot returns.
  • Voters can track their ballot status at every step in the process, with plenty of time to resolve any issues.

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