Vote By Mail

Voting by mail (VBM) guarantees that you will get to vote. You never know what will happen at the last minute, and with a VBM ballot, you can vote your way, on your schedule without any hassles. VBM ballot holders still have the option of voting in-person instead during early voting, as well as Election Day, so we suggest all voters request a VBM ballot so you can benefit from all the voting options available.

The last day to request a VBM ballot for this election is October 29; however we suggest you do it now if you haven’t already.

Request Your Ballot

It’s easy and quick!

Your VBM ballot will contain a ballot for the upcoming election, a privacy folder, a return envelope and instructions on how to complete and mail your ballot back to the Supervisor of Elections. The postage you must adhere to the envelope will be stated in the instructions.

Returning Your VBM Ballot

  • Place your ballot in the privacy folder and then place in the return envelope
  • Seal the envelope and sign on the designated line across the sealed flap.
  • Include your contact information (phone and/or e-mail) on the envelope as well. If a discrepancy is identified with your ballot, an election worker will use this contact information to notify you and give you an opportunity to correct it and ensure your vote is counted.

Return your VBM as soon as you have completed it. If you rely on USPS, we recommend returning your ballot no later than October 24. If you are not in Monroe County, we recommend you overnight your ballot using a delivery service such as UPS or FedEx.

You can also drop your VBM ballot in a Secure Ballot Intake Station located at each of the five early voting locations between October 24 – November 5. If you wish to submit your VBM ballot on Election Day, you will need to deliver it to one of the three Supervisor of Elections offices on November 8.

You can track your ballot once it has been received at the Supervisor of Elections office.

Track Your Ballot

Ensure your ballot was counted!

If you have a VBM ballot and need to vote in-person, you will have to surrender your ballot at any voting location during early voting or at your precinct voting location on Election Day. You will be given a new ballot and your VBM ballot will not be counted. If you are unable to surrender your VBM ballot, you will still be permitted to vote (possibly with a provisional ballot) and your VBM will be cancelled if received at a later date. An election worker can assist with this process.

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