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ACTION ITEM: Help Key West Vote for Safety

by Roger C. Kostmayer Recent surveys show that Key West citizens are concerned about the biggest cruise ships with the worst health, safety, and environmental violations.  The Key West Committee for Safer, Cleaner Ships was formed, and it…

How Can I Tell If I Have the Coronavirus (And What Can I Expect If I Do)?

by Phil Dodderidge, Vice-Chair Florida Keys Democrats Editor's Note: The following summary was drawn from publicly available information on COVID-19 and is intended to serve only as an informational resource, not as a substitute for medical…

Public Health Is a Public Good

by Debra Walker, State Committeewoman for Monroe County and Upper Keys Co-Chair. Any basic economic theory text considers the contrast between a public good and a private good.  In general, a public good is defined as something that benefits…

Bottom Feeders at the Top

An old friend of mine recently tossed off a phrase that really stuck with me: bottom feeders at the top. It elegantly captures what the conservative movement in our country has achieved; elevating the very worst people to positions of the greatest…


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