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The Real CRAAP on Fake News

Fake News: "False news stories, often of a sensational nature, created to be widely shared online for the purpose of generating ad revenue via web traffic or discrediting a public figure, political movement, company, etc."  --Time Magazine Tips…

The Debate About Debate

According to the averages of public presidential polls, Vice President Joe Biden is clearly ahead in both the popular vote and the vote in key swing states.  Unless there’s a sudden major event that turns the race upside down, the presidency…

Ain’t That America

Local artists respond to the current health crisis.   Credits: Lyrics, vocals & ukulele: Karen Grant Musicians: Gary Zimmerman, Daryl Brooks & Kenny Raskin Videographer: Damali Phipps

Keys Strong, Or Not?

by Laurie Swanson, Chair, Mid-Keys Democrats We have a failed federal government in many ways.  Six months into the Covid-19 pandemic (the Trump Administration was warned in early January) and still no comprehensive, national response from…

Joe Biden: A Transformational President in the Making

by Roger C. Kostmayer For the first time in a while there’s a spark in the Democratic candidate and his team. When giving a speech recently he began to sound like the thoughts were actually coming from him, and not just from a teleprompter. Joe…

What Is the Timeline for COVID-19, and What Should I Do If Have It or Suspect That I Do?

*The infographic above was compiled primarily from CDC data.* Editor’s Note: The following summary was drawn from publicly available information on COVID-19 and is intended to serve as an informational resource only, not as a substitute…


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