Letter From the Chair – November 11, 2022

Picture of chairs on sandy beach

Thank you to everyone who VOTED, encouraged others to vote, and refuted the Maga Cult BS.

I have said for some time that these folks are not the majority, they are just louder than the rest of us. (Ruder and cruder as well)

Many citizens who voted nationwide, knew what to do – protect Democracy.

Florida Democrats are not the majority, however. As a political party, we have suffered from poor leadership at the state level, FDP, and abandonment on the part of the DNC. Much like Tim Ryan’s race in Ohio, Val Demings, Robert Asencio, and many other Federal Candidates in Florida got little to no support from the DNC. The FDP seemed to do nothing but hand out directives, but no state candidate support, unlike the previous FDP leadership, for Adam Gentle.

Here in Monroe County, we are fortunate to have a team of savvy, dedicated citizens who work hard (for no money) to get out our voters and educate the electorate about the issues.
I am grateful to every one of them, who brings a lifetime of experience in many fields to collaborate on how to improve our communities, political discourse, and the quality of elected officials!

Congratulations to those DEMS who won in local municipal elections this week: Elizabeth Jolin and Henry Rosenthal in Islamorada for Village Council, and Jeff Smith in Marathon for City Commission.

Special thanks to our Fundraising team for their efforts to “raise the dough” that keeps us functioning.

Thanks to our Precinct Leaders for their GOTV efforts.
Thanks to the members of our Steering Committee who share their talents for the good of all.

Democracy survived this election. We must be ever vigilant to insure it continues to thrive!

Join us next week on the 17th for our final business meeting of the year. We will have election reports/stats, feedback from the Supervisor of Elections, and a little clue about our plans for next year.

See you soon!

Bert Sise/Chair