Letter from the Chair – November 1, 2022

Picture of chairs on sandy beach

The Day of the DEAD!

It seems like an appropriate day for a RANT about those ZOMBIE-like creatures who appear brain-dead in their unquestioning loyalty to snake oil salesmen!

Why do they attack those who have the courage to speak out?

If any party is eating their young, it is the GOP! Adam Kinzinger has chosen to stand up for what is right, not “go along to get more power.” When a member of the Cheney family is willing to sacrifice their congressional seat to do the right thing and defend our Constitution, we need to be paying attention. The Lies just do not add up.

There are Lies and then there are Damn Lies! Like the subtle lies of not really telling the whole truth. We witnessed this recently when our “wanna-be prez” governor visited Marathon last week! He came for two reasons:

1. Give his donor buddy some free press for building an “eco-friendly” resort on Grassy Key. I don’t know how much natural vegetation must be destroyed to accomplish this project or where the permits are coming from, but as my late husband used to say, “Money talks”

2. Awarded money to the City of Marathon for a project involving sewer and infrastructure. Did he mention that the money came from the Biden Infrastructure bill? Hell no! That would be giving credit where credit is due. This is his favorite method of vote-buying; handing out Biden Administration Federal Funds, but making it seem like it is from him, like the bonuses he gave to first responders last year.

Honestly, Federal Funds given to a GOP-controlled Tallahassee are a perfect opportunity for misuse. (And vote-buying)

So, while I am on a roll, why did the totally GOP-controlled Monroe County Board of County Commissioners overturn the TDC’s ruling for the $150,000 drone show & concert? Are they not the same governing body that created the standards by which events are graded? Better yet, $190,000 for a new position for a Dept. that does not exist and probably will not for a while, if ever! Excuse me, but WTF!

Here is a perfect example of why we need single-member districts in Monroe County.

So, I am done venting for now. Thanks for reading my rantings, and VOTE!!!
Help save us from the brain DEAD and willfully ignorant!

Bert Sise/Chair