Letter from the Chair – May 23, 2022

Picture of chairs on sandy beach

Sometimes I just do not know where to begin, so here it is. Not much of what you see in the news is the whole truth, or even half of it. For instance, is it Joe Biden’s fault that we are having a baby formula crisis? I don’t think so, but maybe a little. How can it be that we only have four companies that control this market? Could it be because our Federal Government has stopped enforcing anti-trust laws? And why would that be? Possibly because since “Citizens United” (how I hate that title) was approved by SCOTUS corporate donors “own” our elected officials. I am just spit balling here. That and the GOP’s love of gutting government agencies that were designed to protect us peasants. Just sayin’!

This is why we can’t get anything done on gun control. MONEY! Meanwhile Fox Media churns the lies and hatred. They should be considered an accessory to murder in more cases than I can count. Bring back the “Fairness Doctrine!”

The GOP has been trying for 70 years to reverse FDR’s NEW DEAL and LBJ’s GREAT SOCIETY and they have worked long and hard at it. So here we are, looking at a threat to settled law, the overturning of Roe V Wade and the terminations of Social Security/Medicare and Medicaid.


Trickle Down Economics has never worked! But Gerrymandering Does! Elected Officials should NEVER be allowed to draw District Maps! NEVER!

We, the citizens who truly make this country work, must rise up, not with guns like the cowards on the right, but with community involvement. VOTE, but verify your chosen candidate truly has your interests at heart. Find out who OWNS them. It is easy to follow the money.

Attend meetings, volunteer to serve on boards, do your research somewhere other than Facebook!

My Heroes this week are Laurie Swanson and Patricia McGrath, both Precinct Leaders in Marathon, who are going to Tallahassee this week to watch/document and maybe make some noise at the State Legislature’s Special Session starting today, May 23. I look forward to their reporting. The least WE can do is pay attention and try to influence what is happening in Monroe County.

Here are a few opportunities this week!

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, May 24 – The Village of Islamorada will hold a Strategic Planning TOWN HALL at 5:30pm in the Founders Park Community Center, 87000 Overseas Hwy. The purpose of this event is to provide input to be used by the Monroe County BOCC to set Fiscal year 2023 Strategic Priorities and Budget. For details click here.

Thursday, May 26 – Key Colony Beach City Commission will meet at 9:35am in the City Hall Auditorium and virtually via Zoom. Click here for details.

Coming Events

Wednesday, May 25 – Key West NOW will meet in the back room of Sally O’Brien’s on the corner of Flagler and Bertha Streets at 5:30pm.

Friday, May 27 – Pro-Choice Rally in Marathon from 5-7pm in front of K-Mart on US#1

Friday, May 27 – Black Lives Matter Protest in Key Largo from 5-6pm in front of the Murray Nelson Govt CTR on US#1. This marks 2 years since George Floyd was killed and will be the final protest of this dedicated group. Please join us. A group of us from south of the bridge are going up to join them. If you would like to ride along, please let me know by Wednesday. Or you can drive yourself!

Monday May 30 – MEMORIAL DAY!!!

Saturday, June 4 – Pride Fest Street Fair in Key West from 10am to 5pm. We will be setting up our Voter Registration booth and getting petitions signed. I am looking for some volunteers to join the fun. Please email [email protected] if you are willing to give us a few hours.

Sunday June 5 – Pride Fest Parade – we are putting together a simple entry in the parade and need volunteers to help put it together. You can also walk with us in the parade. All Democrat Candidates are welcome to join as well as we stroll down Duval Street.

Candidate Events

Wednesday, May 25 – The Gallery on Greene is hosting a Meet & Greet from 5-6:30pm for Adam Gentle, Candidate for Fl. House Seat Dist. #120.

We have a 3-day Holiday coming up, so be careful on US#1. Be patient with the tourist traffic in town and be mindful of the increased risk of COVID. There is a new variant in town! We know what to do, so do it!

We have decided that the only location with good enough technology for a hybrid meeting is when we meet in Marathon. We are trying to get our meetings back into our pre-Covid rotation, so bear with us as we adjust.

See you soon!

Bert Sise/Chair


“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” – RBG, 2018