Letter from the Chair – June 13, 2022

Picture of chairs on sandy beach

First off, Thank You to the brave protesters who showed up Saturday in Key West at Bayview Park for our March for our Lives event. We were a small group, but we were energized!

Speakers shared their thoughts and we shared information on the history of the NRA. It’s pretty interesting. Check it out here:  History of the NRA

Thanks to our Middle Keys Dems Co-Chair Laurie Swanson and husband Fred for joining the march in Washington, DC. I hope you got to see their interview on national TV!

Thanks to Sheriff Ramsey as well for his article on guns in this week’s issue of Keys Weekly.

As I write this, (on Sunday) it’s the 6th Anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, another mass shooting event based on hate! Since this is Pride Month, communities around the country are holding events to celebrate. Fortunately, an observant citizen saw something odd and alerted the Police in Idaho about what looked like a small army loading into a U-Haul. The police pulled them over about 10 minutes later. 31 members of a known “white nationalist” group were planning a little riot at the local park where a Pride event was happening. They had weapons of all kinds, were dressed alike, and wore masks. *&^%#[email protected]#!!


This is not rocket science! Ban assault weapons. Legal guns (shotguns and pistols) should be regulated heavily and locked up when not in use. There should be a training and an insurance requirement as well. The opposition is correct in that it’s not the guns. BUT it IS the extremely easy access to weapons of war that makes us all unsafe. Close all the loopholes. Create gun buyback programs. The bi-partisan deal is weak, a token so as not to stop the NRA money from flowing.

As for these home-grown terrorist groups, the leaders and talking heads who encourage and incite them should be held accountable as well. And that goes for our ex-prez! He has always been a bully, braggart and con-man and gotten away with screwing over many people. It’s time for him to be held accountable along with his co-conspirators. The BIG LIE needs to be exposed! It is tearing our country apart!

I was riveted by the first hearing on Thursday night. I do not want to miss a minute. Everyone should be watching! DOJ, please arrest and prosecute all the traitors!

Oh, and speaking of bullies, The King of Floriduh has signed a bill creating his new “election police force.” Next on his agenda is another special session in July so he can get “the best legislature money can buy” to pass a new law allowing open carry, no permit gun owner ship! What the hell?!!!

Folks we must turn this around!

Watch the Jan. 6 Hearings this week – today at 10am and Wednesday at 10am! On Thursday it starts at 1pm!

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, June 14 – The Monroe County School Board will meet in key West at City Hall, 1300 White St, starting at 5pm. For details and agenda, click here.

Tuesday, June 14 – Marathon City Commission will meet at 5:30pm at City Hall, 9805 Overseas Hwy, Marathon. For details and agenda, click here.

Wednesday, June 15 – The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners will meet at the Murray Nelson Govt. Ctr, 12050 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo starting at 9am. For details and agenda, click here.

Thursday, June 16 – The Islamorada Village Council will meet at 3pm at the Founders Park Community Center, 87000 Overseas Hwy. Planation Key. For detail, click here.

Coming Events

Monday, June 13 – Local defenders of democracy and voting rights will host a nonpartisan voter information forum as the primary election calendar heats up. The League of Women Voters of the Upper Keys President Ginette Hughes will host “Navigating the New Voting Rules,” a forum, at 5 p.m. Monday, June 13, to provide an overview of current voting laws and requirements residents may want to know ahead of the August primary and November general election. The forum will take place at the Keys Jewish Community Center, 93095 Overseas Highway, in Tavernier. The event is free and open to the public. The LWV is a nonpartisan, nonprofit civic organization that encourages informed and active participation in government.

Wednesday, June 15 – The Upper Keys Dems will meet in the Community Room at the Key Largo Public Library in Tradewinds Plaza starting at 5:30pm. Our guest speakers will be Adam Gentle, candidate for Fla. House Dist. #120 and Jason Smith, candidate for Monroe County Court Judge Group 1. It’s a great opportunity to meet candidates in-person and ask questions.

Friday, June 17 – Qualifying Day! All candidates must have their paperwork complete and filed by noon on this day. Hometown will host the first event of the official election season that evening at the Tennessee Williams Theater on College Rd., Key West from 5-7pm. There will be candidate intros and short speeches. It will be live streamed on their FB page – Hometown Key West and on their You Tube Channel. It is always exciting!

I have an ask for all who read my ranting! Please make some calls to every one of our State and Federal elected officials to grow a pair and do the right thing on common sense gun restrictions.

The names and contact info are all available on our website here.

The 2nd Amendment was written when they had muskets! The National Guard has replaced militias! I am going to go out on a limb here and say, we should hit the delete button on the 2nd Amendment. Just sayin’…

Pay attention folks. There is a lot going on and we need to be informed. Remember, the Supreme Court is going to be handing down some decisions soon, too!

We are still working petitions – Single member Districts, Clean Water Amendment and Grow your own Marijuana!

If you can help walk your neighborhood and talk to folks while getting petitions signed, email me and we will get you trained and supplied.

We have a country to save folks! It will take all of us.

Bert Sise/Chair


PS – It is Hurricane Season, so please take a moment and check your plan and supplies. Be prepared.

It is an Election year as well, YIKES!