“All politics is local.” Often attributed to House Speaker and Democrat Tip O’Neal, what does this quip mean? It refers to US Congress members who become so focused on national Issues once they get to DC, that they forget the local ones back home and the folks who got them there!

Personally I think it also refers to all the back room deals and tom-foolery we see in local politics. The bad news is no daily local paper covers these meetings and much happens un-noticed until the bulldozers are coming down your street! We can thank Tallahassee for this as they have changed the way Government agencies are required to give public notice.

We have opportunities for local folks who want to get involved as a local Government watchdog. You can attend local government meetings, follow legislation as it moves through Tallahassee, or keep track of how our elected officials vote on issues.

Our Legislative Committee has uncovered some crazy stuff and we want to get out in front of it. If you are interested in joining this committee, please reach out to Trish McGrath at [email protected] or call her at 813-365-0272.

From Key West to Key Largo the Big Money groups and the State are throwing their weight around to remake the keys. As residents and taxpaying Citizens, we have a say. Let’s start making noise!

Local Government meetings this week.

Tuesday January 24

Wednesday, January 25

So, there is your local line-up of issues to which we should be paying attention.

If you want some national good news, take a look at this:

In the past two years, US saw significant economic growth as the President built the most significant legislative record since the Johnson Administration. And the best first midterm election results of any Democratic President in 60 years.

Here’s a cheat sheet on the President’s first two years:
President Biden is Delivering Results for the American People

  • Lowered Prices: Costs are coming down on everything from cars to dishwashers, gas prices are down more than $1.60 compared to the previous year, and inflation is now at its lowest level since October of 2021. Insulin is now capped at $35 per month for seniors and the President’s actions are saving 13 million families $800 per year on their health insurance premiums.
  • Created Millions of Jobs: 2021 and 2022 were the two strongest years of job growth in history. Nearly 11 million jobs have been created and 750,000 of them are manufacturing jobs. The unemployment rate is near a 50-year low and Black, Hispanic Americans and people with disabilities are experiencing record low unemployment.
  • Restored America’s Global Leadership: President Biden restored our global alliances and rallied partners across the world to stand up to Russian aggression and support Ukraine.
  • Brought Democrats and Republicans Together on Gun Safety: The President brought together Democrats and Republicans to pass the most sweeping gun safety law in nearly 30 years.
  • Confirmed Historic Judges: President Biden’s confirmed judicial nominees are the most diverse in history, and the President appointed the first Black woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.
  • The Biden Agenda is Investing in Communities Left Behind
    • Putting Shovels in the Ground: To date, the Administration has announced funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for 6,900 specific projects, reaching over 4,000 communities across all 50 states, D.C., and the territories.
    • Leading a Small Business Boom: Nearly 10.5 million Americans applied to start a business, making 2021 and 2022 the two best years for small business applications on record.
    • Leading a Manufacturing Boom: Private companies have announced nearly $300 billion in investments across the U.S. – including in communities left behind – thanks to the President’s economic agenda. Highlights:
      • Intel is investing $20 billion in Ohio.
      • Micron is investing $100 billion in New York.
  • TSMC is investing $40 billion in Arizona.
  • Hanwa Q CELLS announced the largest single solar investment in U.S. history in
    (Thank you Amy!)

There is no doubt that Big Corporate monied interests still call the tune in Washington and Tallahassee. We, the People, are the only ones who can change that!

Your local Democratic Party works with other Activist groups to make noise and raise awareness. Come to our Monthly meetings, bring a friend, and meet interesting people and get involved in your community.

Activist Groups meeting this week

Wednesday January 25

  • Key West NOW will meet at 5:30pm in the back room of Sally O’Brien’s. They did a great job putting on the “Bigger than Roe” Rally/Protest this past Saturday in Key West! Thanks to all who attended!

Keys Dems Meetings starting up in February.

Key West – Feb 13 @ VFW POST 3911
Key Largo – Feb 15 location TBD
Marathon – Feb 23 @ Triton Seafood

Speakers TBA

We are also in the process of refilling our treasury for the 2024 Election Cycle. There will be Fundraisers to attend and/or you can go to our website and pick your level of contribution. We appreciate your help! https://keysdems.com/join/

We have a lovely event coming up on February 15 with Debbie Mucarsel-Powell! The official invite coming out today or tomorrow as we nail down the details.

See You Soon!

Bert Sise/Chair