Letter From the Chair – January 17, 2023

Picture of chairs on sandy beach

Please excuse the disjointed emails this week. I have spent more time out in the field talking to voters, meeting interesting people, getting petitions signed, registering voters, and walking in last night’s MLK DAY Parade in Key West than sitting at my computer.

Exhilarating! (Exhausting)

Thanks again to ALL the Volunteers who showed up to work the booth, helped at Nelson English yesterday, and joined us for the parade.

I am serious as a heart attack when I say we should regularly be attending local Government meetings. These are the officials who have the most impact on our daily lives. January 4th’s KW City Commission meeting made me sick to my stomach. It’s all about the money, big money! By showing up, speaking against this insanity, and demanding a return to reason, not greed, we can accomplish something. WE must be the watchdogs! Here’s your chance!

Be sure to check out the Legislative Report I sent out earlier this morning!

If the Floriduh Fascist Party can shake up meetings, so can we!

One last thought for this topic, zoning changes. Specifically, Major Conditional Use Changes! (Red Flag)

The code should read that ALL property owners within 10 miles of HWY Frontage changes are notified by mail no less than 30 days out about any meetings on the change.

For changes in Residential neighborhoods, ALL property owners should be notified by mail of major changes, and a majority must approve. (my opinion)

That’s it for today, folks. I gotta go to work!

Bert Sise/Chair