Letter From the Chair – December 5, 2022

Picture of chairs on sandy beach

A Little Bit of Rant, a Little Bit of Thanks.

I must start with a HUGE Thank You to everyone who attended our event on Friday at the home of Steve Smith and Paul Murray. This annual Fundraiser was Steve’s idea, and this year was more successful than ever. We toasted Steve and shared memories of this kind, generous, and lovely man. Paul outdid himself with the decorations, and there was a very sweet surprise ending to our evening. If you missed it, you missed it. Thank you, Paul!

Right now, I am wondering why DJT is not under protective custody. After his latest outburst on “Truth” Social, demanding the constitution be burned and he be declared President, it is obvious he should be Baker Acted! He is delusional, a danger to himself and others! Get out the straight jacket and let him scream in a private room!
The only other reason he could possibly be continuing to spread these Lies and make ridiculous demands is that he thinks his private army of disgruntled losers will jump at his command. In that case, arrest him NOW for Treason, Sedition, and whatever else might apply.
Then, make every media company in America refuse to say his name or mention him in the news for at least a week. He will go out of his mind. (Not a far trip)
We need a break from this insanity. Make Faux News recite a disclaimer before every “news” show, admitting they are not a licensed news outlet but rather a purveyor of misinformation with a fascist lean and the express intent of distorting the facts. (Assuming they ever get close to one)

Bring back the Fairness Doctrine!!! (Another Christmas Wish)

Meanwhile, here in the Free Fascist State of Floriduh, the state legislature is fixin’ to hold pre-session meetings to decide how much they can improve (impede) our Freedoms.
That means it’s time to crank up our Legislative Committee to monitor the circus.

Back here in Monroe County, it’s beginning to look a lot like the Holiday Season! There were at least 2 Holiday Parades in the Keys on Saturday night, and by all accounts, they were FABULOUS. I think the Key West Parade was the longest one I had ever attended!

How do you feel about a petition to make Abortion/Women’s rights an Amendment to the state Constitution on the ballot in 2024? Let me know what you think.

We will be working on a few petitions next year. More on that soon.

We are holding no meetings this month.

Government Meetings this Week

Tuesday, December 6

• The Key West City Commission will meet at 5 pm in City Hall, 1300 White St. In Key West. The City is giving away some property; click here for the agenda: http://keywest.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx

• The Islamorada Village Council will meet at 5:30 pm in the Community Center at Founders Park, 87000 Overseas Hwy. Plantation Key. For info/agenda and zoom link, click here: https://www.islamorada.fl.us/calendar.php?view=day&month=12&day=06&year=2022&calendar=&id=43

Special thanks to our Fundraising team, who labor in the background but make so many things possible.

Stay well and get vaccinated!!!

Bert Sise/Chair