Today is the day! The House Select Committee meets at 1 pm to Vote on criminal referrals! I might have to call in sick. “I want to be in the room when it happens!!!”

Meanwhile, here in the “Free Fascist state of Floriduh,” the Governor wants to investigate the COVID vaccines. Really? In Friday’s Washington Post, there was an article about how Politics can kill you! GOP-led states have more deaths due to their COVID denialism. It’s a fact! Common Sense and Public welfare are out the window. Isn’t it ironic how Ron made sure the rich, GOP Donating communities got the shots first?!

The Floriduh Legislature just held another “emergency” session to solve the insurance crisis. And just like in the spring when they held another “emergency” session for the same purpose – the Insurance Companies (who own the legislature and probably wrote the bill) came away with tons of money and no rate relief for us.

One more thing, Ron wants permit-less carry in Floriduh! He has mentioned this before, but it is on his agenda for 2023!

Get your Legislators on speed dial now!!!!

If you are not reading Heather Cox Richardson every day – start now. Current events with historical context. She helps me make sense of what is happening. Google her and sign up.

This Country is full of good people who can see the truth and want to help heal our nation. I have faith and hope that we can turn this thing around. But we need to work at it every day!

Here is one of them:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I am not guaranteeing a Newsletter next Monday. I may take a Holiday! You should too!

Bert Sise