Let us start with some good news. Orion made it safely back to earth Sunday morning in a picture-perfect landing/splashdown. Much as I love the space program and NASA (considering we will never find Planet B in time), I think we should be spending this money cleaning up and saving the planet we have! (Sorry for the 180-degree turn!)

Overall, things in the USA are looking up, and our president is doing one hell of a job. He has been meeting with world leaders to renew our relationships and strengthen ties with our allies. (Unlike the previous guy)

Here in Floriduh, the state legislature is getting ready to discuss insurance again. Guard your pocketbooks because the last time they held an “emergency” session to address this issue, it was more about helping the insurance companies make more money and screw the ratepayers.

I am happy to announce that our Legislative Committee is prepping to monitor the festivities and, this year, will be co-chaired by Trish McGrath and Bill Burruss. Trish will spend her time in Tallahassee while the legislature is in session. If you are interested in joining this working group, please reach out to Bill – [email protected] or Trish – [email protected].

We want to encourage our members to attend local Government meetings and report to us their concerns.

Local Govt. Meetings this week

Monday, December 12

The City of Key Colony Beach will meet at 9:30 am in City Hall to hold a meeting whose sole purpose is to inform about flood insurance and the Flood map changes. For more info, click here: https://keycolonybeach.net/citydocs-1/

Tuesday, December 13

Wednesday, December 14

Friday, December 16

Local Activist Group Activities

Monday, December 12

  • The Lower Keys Dems are hosting a Holiday Social for our Precinct Leaders, Volunteers, Activists, Donors, and Elected Dems from 6-8 pm at the VFW, 2200 N Roosevelt Blvd. Free Food, a glass of Blue Eggnog, and a cash bar.

Wednesday, December 14

  • Key West NOW will meet at 5:30 pm in the back room at Sally O’Brien’s, 1900 Flagler Ave. Key West.

The Keys Dems are planning a large event on February 16 at the home of Shirley Freeman and Harvey Server. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell will be there. Mark your Calendars NOW! More info to come.

I know you are tired of Politics. But as Prez. Obama said in Georgia about two weeks ago, “we cannot stop”!

It is a fact that SCOTUS is out of touch with the American people, and many of our national and local elected officials are as well…. because people do not vote. So, the majority of the 65% of people who do vote run the show. (I did the math when BUSH II got elected. It was roughly 27% of Americans who put him in office)


Elected officials work for us. When they do not, they need to be fired. We need innovative ideas. But for that to happen, we need to VOTE!

Thank you, Georgia!

As you can tell, I celebrate Festivus every Monday as I air my grievances! LOL! Let us respect all the other ways of celebrating this Holiday Season and enjoy the wonderful Diversity that is Key West and the USA!!!

I beg you all to get your boosters and flu shots. The flu is making the rounds, and Covid has morphed again.

Stay safe and well.

Happy Holidays!

Bert Sise/Chair