Legislative Committee Update – January 2, 2023

Tallahassee Capital Building

Monday, January 2

Despite previous announcements, there are currently NO scheduled bills to be heard in committee meetings for this first Interim Committee week of 2023 in Tallahassee. Typical Republican confusion tactic.

Next week (Jan. 9-12) is an open week without scheduled meetings. However, just so you are aware, there is chatter that the Republican majority is planning to hold one or two Special Sessions to pass more restrictive abortion and permitless carry gun bills during the open weeks in January, including next week and the week of Jan. 30.

I will be in touch with the Keys 2022 Legislative Team Members over the next week or so to see if they wish to remain active. Bill Burris will remain with us and be as active as possible and will continue to schedule our Zoom Meetings. I have asked Lois Grayden to be a Co-Chair. Thanks to both Bill and Lois. If you wish to become a member of the committee, please get in touch with Lois or me.

This year is an extremely important one as we watch Ron show off his far-right agenda nationally while seeking his 2024 presidential bid.

We will need as many eyes as possible on the Florida House and Senate televised meetings, as well as the Bill Tracker. We hope to assemble an active text, phone call, letter writing, and email campaign to let those elected to represent the Florida Keys and others know we are here, we have opinions, and we are loud.

Patricia McGrath, JD
Chair/Keys Dems Legislative Committee
[email protected]