2020 Election Dates

Know When to Vote

This year is more important than ever to vote Democratic in Monroe County, FL. Because of that, we’ve pulled together the Florida Keys voting deadlines for the Democratic primaries and the general election. Be sure to note the dates for early voting, vote-by-mail, and when to vote in-person so your vote can count.

General Election

This is the Tuesday we’ve been waiting for! Let’s put Democratic candidates in our state and national seats. In order to make this happen, be sure to vote on one of these dates:

  • October 5 – to vote in the general election, you must be a registered by this date.
  • October 19-31 – Early voting period.
  • October 24 – Last to day to request Vote-by-Mail ballot.
  • November 3 – Vote in-person at your polling place for the general election.

Important Vote By Mail Recommendation:

With the intentional slowdown of the USPS, we suggest that out of county absentee voters fill out their ballot as soon as they receive it, and then overnight it back to the SOE office.

  • Oct. 5

    General Election: Deadline to Register

    In order to vote in the general election, you must register by this date.

  • October 19-31

    Early Voting Period


    October 19-31

  • October 24


    Last day to request Vote-by-Mail ballot

  • November 3

    General Election


    November 3

Make sure you’re ready to vote this year. Learn how to check your registration status, vote early, or vote-by-mail!

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