Connecting the Dots – by Roger Kostmayer

Keys Dems Meeting

We live in interesting and challenging times.  Democracies, home and abroad, are under assault from radical right wing autocrats.  They are about gaining power any way they can, including: War, Violence, Lying and Cheating.

Following are a few dots that call for connecting.  McCARTHY, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, secretly and exclusively, gave TUCKER CARLSON (an admitted liar and conservative propagandist) some 40,000 hours of surveillance film of the January 6 insurrection.  This partisan act compromised confidential security and reduced the Capital’s safety.  The obvious objective is to enable Carlson to erase truth, cherry pick, edit and create something fictitious that justifies the violence and shifts blame away from  Republicans.

FOX NEWS (FNC), Carlson and many of their reporter/propagandists are being sued for damages for more than $1 billion, caused by their intentional lies to the American people. No democracy can survive the demise of truth.  Without professional journalists dedicated to facts and truth, there is no “government of the people . . .”

Recently, CARLSON encouraged and allegedly helped finance a group of protesters in Washington, DC that held a protest march that was pro-PUTIN, pro-Russia and anti-support for Ukraine and President Zelenskyy.  This is amazing in the 21st century, because it’s the equivalent of Americans marching around the Lincoln Memorial in support of Hitler – during WWII.

Another dot that needs connecting includes former president TRUMP, ambitious presidential candidate Governor DESANTIS, and conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor GREENE.  They want autocratic power so much that each praises and supports PUTIN !- the most dangerous individual since the 1940’s.

Connecting dots should help Americans grasp the seriousness of this moment in history, and remind us that freedom isn’t free. In our past, the US succeeded by choosing good leaders, uniting and then following our better angels. We must do that again.