I hope you were able to watch the Hometown live event on Friday night. We now know who our local candidates will be for this cycle. It was an interesting evening and a few of these races will be just that – interesting!

I do have an announcement to make about one more race. The Democrats have a candidate in the Congressional District 28 race against Carlos Gimenez, aka “the traitor.” He is being primaried by 2 other Republicans. There are 2 Dems in a primary contest as well – Juan Paredes and Robert Asencio. More info as I get it!!!

Thanks to Hometown for doing these events every election cycle. It is a great service to the community.

You might find this hard to believe but there are still 11 candidates in the Governor’s race, 4 are Dems! YIKES!!!

I hope you are watching the Select Committee’s Hearings. It seems to me that they have 45 dead to rights and many of his sycophants as well.

My favorite quote from the hearing so far (albeit terrifying) is this: “The former president and his party are today a clear and present danger for American democracy,” Federal Judge J Michael Luttig.

I could not agree more! Traitors and cowards!

Here is the schedule for this week’s hearings:

  • Tuesday June 21 – 1pm
  • Thursday June 23 – 1pm

One Year ago on June 19th, President Biden signed an executive order making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday. Opal Lee thinks we should celebrate our nation’s independence from June 19 through July 4, when we were All free! There is an informative video report on Huffington Post of Ms. Lee and her quest to make this happen. View the report here.

And here is more good news from the HILL. In an article by Morgan Chalfant on June 16: President Biden signed a sweeping new executive order on Wednesday that aims to protect LGBT youth from a raft of conservative state laws and address barriers they face to health care and housing.

The order directs the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to release new guidance for states on how to expand access to comprehensive health care for LGBT patients, according to a White House fact sheet.

It also orders the Education Department to release a sample school policy that is inclusive of LGBT students, among other actions.

The order aims to use the muscle of the federal government to push back on laws in states like Texas and Florida that have restricted access to health care for transgender youth and barred discussion in elementary schools about gender and sexual orientation.

On a call with reporters, a senior administration official described those state laws as “un-American” and an attack on LGBT youth and their families.

Exactly right! Let’s get to work here in Monroe County!

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, June 21 – The Key West City Commission will meet at 5pm in the Commission Chambers at City Hall, 1300 White St, Key West. For the details and agenda click here.

Tuesday, June 21 – The Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board will meet at 1pm in their headquarters – 503 107th St., Marathon, Fl. For details and agenda click here.

Wednesday, June 22 – The Utility Board of the City of Key West (Keys Energy) will meet in the Board Room at 1001 James St. Key West at 5pm. For agenda and details click here.

Thursday, June 23 – The Key Colony Beach City Commission will meet at 9:35 am in the City Hall Auditorium. There is a Zoom option. For that and more detail click here and scroll down to the date.

Thursday, June 23 – The Islamorada Village Council will meet at 5:30pm in the Founders Park Community Center, 87000 Overseas Hwy, on Plantation Key. For detail, zoom link and agenda click here.

Coming Events

Wednesday, June 22 – Key West NOW (National Organization of Women) will meet at 5:30pm in the back room at Sally O’Brian’s., on the corner of Flager and Bertha. If you are a supporter but have never attended, NOW is a good time to join us.

Thursday, June 23 – The Middle Keys Dems will meet at 5:30pm in the Community Room at the Marathon Public Library. We have guest speakers Sue Woltanski – our incumbent school board member and a strong public education advocate, and Adam Hattersley, candidate for Florida CFO, will be zooming in to introduce himself. There is a possibility of a surprise candidate showing up. Yes, this meeting will be a hybrid Zoom/in-person meeting. For Zoom details, e-mail [email protected].

NOTE – the Marathon Dems meeting is the only Hybrid meeting and all Dems are encouraged to attend if you are not yet ready for in-person or were unable to attend the meeting in your area.

Diane Beruldsen is looking for volunteers to help her in the Upper Keys as she works to get more signatures on the Single Member District Petitions. This is to get the issue on the ballot and let the voters decide. Email Diane at [email protected] or call her at 305-896-8678

Candidates, if you have events you would like us to share, create a FB event and share with us. Also email me at least a week in advance.

I am unaware of any candidate events this week.

The Keys Dems will be participating in the Key Largo 4th of July Parade. All Democratic Candidates are invited to walk with us carrying their signs.

Let me know!

See you this week on the Zoom!!!

Bert Sise/Chair


“A week is a long time in politics!” – Harold Wilson (I agree.)

First off, Thank You to the brave protesters who showed up Saturday in Key West at Bayview Park for our March for our Lives event. We were a small group, but we were energized!

Speakers shared their thoughts and we shared information on the history of the NRA. It’s pretty interesting. Check it out here:  History of the NRA

Thanks to our Middle Keys Dems Co-Chair Laurie Swanson and husband Fred for joining the march in Washington, DC. I hope you got to see their interview on national TV!

Thanks to Sheriff Ramsey as well for his article on guns in this week’s issue of Keys Weekly.

As I write this, (on Sunday) it’s the 6th Anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, another mass shooting event based on hate! Since this is Pride Month, communities around the country are holding events to celebrate. Fortunately, an observant citizen saw something odd and alerted the Police in Idaho about what looked like a small army loading into a U-Haul. The police pulled them over about 10 minutes later. 31 members of a known “white nationalist” group were planning a little riot at the local park where a Pride event was happening. They had weapons of all kinds, were dressed alike, and wore masks. *&^%#[email protected]#!!


This is not rocket science! Ban assault weapons. Legal guns (shotguns and pistols) should be regulated heavily and locked up when not in use. There should be a training and an insurance requirement as well. The opposition is correct in that it’s not the guns. BUT it IS the extremely easy access to weapons of war that makes us all unsafe. Close all the loopholes. Create gun buyback programs. The bi-partisan deal is weak, a token so as not to stop the NRA money from flowing.

As for these home-grown terrorist groups, the leaders and talking heads who encourage and incite them should be held accountable as well. And that goes for our ex-prez! He has always been a bully, braggart and con-man and gotten away with screwing over many people. It’s time for him to be held accountable along with his co-conspirators. The BIG LIE needs to be exposed! It is tearing our country apart!

I was riveted by the first hearing on Thursday night. I do not want to miss a minute. Everyone should be watching! DOJ, please arrest and prosecute all the traitors!

Oh, and speaking of bullies, The King of Floriduh has signed a bill creating his new “election police force.” Next on his agenda is another special session in July so he can get “the best legislature money can buy” to pass a new law allowing open carry, no permit gun owner ship! What the hell?!!!

Folks we must turn this around!

Watch the Jan. 6 Hearings this week – today at 10am and Wednesday at 10am! On Thursday it starts at 1pm!

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, June 14 – The Monroe County School Board will meet in key West at City Hall, 1300 White St, starting at 5pm. For details and agenda, click here.

Tuesday, June 14 – Marathon City Commission will meet at 5:30pm at City Hall, 9805 Overseas Hwy, Marathon. For details and agenda, click here.

Wednesday, June 15 – The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners will meet at the Murray Nelson Govt. Ctr, 12050 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo starting at 9am. For details and agenda, click here.

Thursday, June 16 – The Islamorada Village Council will meet at 3pm at the Founders Park Community Center, 87000 Overseas Hwy. Planation Key. For detail, click here.

Coming Events

Monday, June 13 – Local defenders of democracy and voting rights will host a nonpartisan voter information forum as the primary election calendar heats up. The League of Women Voters of the Upper Keys President Ginette Hughes will host “Navigating the New Voting Rules,” a forum, at 5 p.m. Monday, June 13, to provide an overview of current voting laws and requirements residents may want to know ahead of the August primary and November general election. The forum will take place at the Keys Jewish Community Center, 93095 Overseas Highway, in Tavernier. The event is free and open to the public. The LWV is a nonpartisan, nonprofit civic organization that encourages informed and active participation in government.

Wednesday, June 15 – The Upper Keys Dems will meet in the Community Room at the Key Largo Public Library in Tradewinds Plaza starting at 5:30pm. Our guest speakers will be Adam Gentle, candidate for Fla. House Dist. #120 and Jason Smith, candidate for Monroe County Court Judge Group 1. It’s a great opportunity to meet candidates in-person and ask questions.

Friday, June 17 – Qualifying Day! All candidates must have their paperwork complete and filed by noon on this day. Hometown will host the first event of the official election season that evening at the Tennessee Williams Theater on College Rd., Key West from 5-7pm. There will be candidate intros and short speeches. It will be live streamed on their FB page – Hometown Key West and on their You Tube Channel. It is always exciting!

I have an ask for all who read my ranting! Please make some calls to every one of our State and Federal elected officials to grow a pair and do the right thing on common sense gun restrictions.

The names and contact info are all available on our website here.

The 2nd Amendment was written when they had muskets! The National Guard has replaced militias! I am going to go out on a limb here and say, we should hit the delete button on the 2nd Amendment. Just sayin’…

Pay attention folks. There is a lot going on and we need to be informed. Remember, the Supreme Court is going to be handing down some decisions soon, too!

We are still working petitions – Single member Districts, Clean Water Amendment and Grow your own Marijuana!

If you can help walk your neighborhood and talk to folks while getting petitions signed, email me and we will get you trained and supplied.

We have a country to save folks! It will take all of us.

Bert Sise/Chair


PS – It is Hurricane Season, so please take a moment and check your plan and supplies. Be prepared.

It is an Election year as well, YIKES!

Pride week was not a total wash-out even though the street fair Saturday was cancelled. The opening party on Wednesday at Island House, (Thanks Bobi) and the Pride Parade on Sunday went off without a hitch and were great fun. Thanks to the Business Guild and all the venues in between!

We had several Candidates in the parade including Nikki Fried, Daniel Horton-Diaz, Adam Gentle and Sue Woltanski (she was under the Pride Flag). Thank you!

To top it off we have our first “trans” tropical storm – Agatha/Alex. Timing is everything!

As you know, our fearless Marathon co-chair – Laurie Swanson and our Grassy Key Precinct leader Trish McGrath went to Tallahassee week before last to observe the “best Legislature Money can Buy” in action. It was pretty sad. The insurance companies have many friends in Tallahassee and the rate payers/voters – not so much. You can read their report on our website in the blog. Read it here.

We need to replace as many of these people as possible, starting with Mr. Mooney!

I am not going to rant about the gun issue. It is pretty simple to me. There is no need for everyone to have an assault weapon unless you plan to participate in a civil war. What is terrifying is the amount of people who believe violence is the answer. When the NRA started changing their messaging/purpose decades ago it was to encourage folks to arm in the event they needed to overthrow the government. Never mind that that can be done, quite simply every 2-4 years by voting.


So, start locally by voting out those officials who are not representing the best interests of our communities. Attend local government meetings or watch online (most offer a zoom link) and make notes. Call you representative and ask questions. They work for you!

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday,  June 7  – The Key West City Commission will meet at 5pm in the City Commission Chambers, 1300 White St., Key West. For the busy Agenda, click here.

Wednesday, June 8 – The Utility Board of the City of Key West (Keys Energy) will meet at 5pm in the Board Room at 1001 James St. Key West. It looks like an action-packed Agenda (zzzz). For details, click here.

Thursday, June 9 – The Key Colony Beach City Commission will meet at 9:30am in the City Hall Auditorium. For details and zoom link, click here.

Coming Events

Monday, June 6 – The Keys Democrats meet tonight at 5:30pm in the Parish Hall behind St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. (entrance off Bahama Lane) Our guest speaker will be Sue Woltanski – incumbent candidate for Dist. 5 Monroe County School Board. This will be an in-person meeting. If masking makes you more comfortable, put it on and join us!

Thursday, June 9 – The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection will begin the first televised public hearing at 8pm. I am thinking C-Span, but do not look for it on Faux News!

Saturday, June 11 – March for Our Lives is encouraging everyone in the USA to March for better gun control. A group of dedicated Activists are working on a protest at Bayview Park, in Key West, like what we did for Women’s Reproductive Rights a few weeks ago. Keep your eyes on social media and we will get the details out very shortly. You can start making your signs now!

On a positive note, it seems a few Spanish Language Stations in Miami have been bought out by a group of Democrats. Hmmmm! Perhaps we can start to combat the lies coming from the other side.

As we gear up our GOTV efforts we will also need to gear up our Fundraising. I know, every candidate from Alaska to Georgia is asking for money. Remember “all politics is local.” Support those who remember your name, who you have met in person. Here are some links if you can help the Florida Keys Democrats in our efforts to get out the vote for our candidates:

Digital Marketing: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/2022digital

Office Supplies: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/office22

Become a member – various levels of commitment are available, we are grateful for whatever you can afford. Join here. 

Check out our website and Facebook pages for other activities.

Let’s shake things up Democrats!

Bert Sise/Chair


Sometimes I just do not know where to begin, so here it is. Not much of what you see in the news is the whole truth, or even half of it. For instance, is it Joe Biden’s fault that we are having a baby formula crisis? I don’t think so, but maybe a little. How can it be that we only have four companies that control this market? Could it be because our Federal Government has stopped enforcing anti-trust laws? And why would that be? Possibly because since “Citizens United” (how I hate that title) was approved by SCOTUS corporate donors “own” our elected officials. I am just spit balling here. That and the GOP’s love of gutting government agencies that were designed to protect us peasants. Just sayin’!

This is why we can’t get anything done on gun control. MONEY! Meanwhile Fox Media churns the lies and hatred. They should be considered an accessory to murder in more cases than I can count. Bring back the “Fairness Doctrine!”

The GOP has been trying for 70 years to reverse FDR’s NEW DEAL and LBJ’s GREAT SOCIETY and they have worked long and hard at it. So here we are, looking at a threat to settled law, the overturning of Roe V Wade and the terminations of Social Security/Medicare and Medicaid.


Trickle Down Economics has never worked! But Gerrymandering Does! Elected Officials should NEVER be allowed to draw District Maps! NEVER!

We, the citizens who truly make this country work, must rise up, not with guns like the cowards on the right, but with community involvement. VOTE, but verify your chosen candidate truly has your interests at heart. Find out who OWNS them. It is easy to follow the money.

Attend meetings, volunteer to serve on boards, do your research somewhere other than Facebook!

My Heroes this week are Laurie Swanson and Patricia McGrath, both Precinct Leaders in Marathon, who are going to Tallahassee this week to watch/document and maybe make some noise at the State Legislature’s Special Session starting today, May 23. I look forward to their reporting. The least WE can do is pay attention and try to influence what is happening in Monroe County.

Here are a few opportunities this week!

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, May 24 – The Village of Islamorada will hold a Strategic Planning TOWN HALL at 5:30pm in the Founders Park Community Center, 87000 Overseas Hwy. The purpose of this event is to provide input to be used by the Monroe County BOCC to set Fiscal year 2023 Strategic Priorities and Budget. For details click here.

Thursday, May 26 – Key Colony Beach City Commission will meet at 9:35am in the City Hall Auditorium and virtually via Zoom. Click here for details.

Coming Events

Wednesday, May 25 – Key West NOW will meet in the back room of Sally O’Brien’s on the corner of Flagler and Bertha Streets at 5:30pm.

Friday, May 27 – Pro-Choice Rally in Marathon from 5-7pm in front of K-Mart on US#1

Friday, May 27 – Black Lives Matter Protest in Key Largo from 5-6pm in front of the Murray Nelson Govt CTR on US#1. This marks 2 years since George Floyd was killed and will be the final protest of this dedicated group. Please join us. A group of us from south of the bridge are going up to join them. If you would like to ride along, please let me know by Wednesday. Or you can drive yourself!

Monday May 30 – MEMORIAL DAY!!!

Saturday, June 4 – Pride Fest Street Fair in Key West from 10am to 5pm. We will be setting up our Voter Registration booth and getting petitions signed. I am looking for some volunteers to join the fun. Please email [email protected] if you are willing to give us a few hours.

Sunday June 5 – Pride Fest Parade – we are putting together a simple entry in the parade and need volunteers to help put it together. You can also walk with us in the parade. All Democrat Candidates are welcome to join as well as we stroll down Duval Street.

Candidate Events

Wednesday, May 25 – The Gallery on Greene is hosting a Meet & Greet from 5-6:30pm for Adam Gentle, Candidate for Fl. House Seat Dist. #120.

We have a 3-day Holiday coming up, so be careful on US#1. Be patient with the tourist traffic in town and be mindful of the increased risk of COVID. There is a new variant in town! We know what to do, so do it!

We have decided that the only location with good enough technology for a hybrid meeting is when we meet in Marathon. We are trying to get our meetings back into our pre-Covid rotation, so bear with us as we adjust.

See you soon!

Bert Sise/Chair


“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” – RBG, 2018

Thanks to all the motivated people who showed up for a large, enthusiastic rally to protest the overthrow of the will of the people (seems to be a common thing these days) at Bayview Park in Key West on Saturday morning. We cannot allow a small minority of people impose their religious beliefs on us.

The Middle Keys Dems also put together a protest and had a great turn-out. Check out the Fla Keys Democrats Facebook page for pictures.

The best sign I saw Saturday was one word – “SHARIALITO.” Think about it! Ironic, right?

Speaking of religion, in my readings this past week I have learned about some of Putin’s motivations in the Ukraine invasion – The Russian Orthodox Church! Seems he is thinking Holy War. (Because he is such a devout Christian?) Apparently, they are not forgiving the Branch of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

In the USA right now, we have a majority of Catholics on the Supreme Court who seem inclined to bend us to their belief system. Maureen Dowd in the NY Times yesterday talks about the influence of religion on members of the court and quotes Mario Cuomo from 1984: “The Catholic who holds political office in a pluralistic democracy — who is elected to serve Jews and Muslims, atheists and Protestants, as well as Catholics — bears special responsibility,” Cuomo said. “He or she undertakes to help create conditions under which all can live with a maximum of dignity and with a reasonable degree of freedom; where everyone who chooses may hold beliefs different from specifically Catholic ones — sometimes contradictory to them; where the laws protect people’s right to divorce, to use birth control and even to choose abortion.”

She goes on: “The explosive nature of Alito’s draft opinion on Roe has brought to the fore how radical the majority on the court is, willing to make women fit with their zealous worldview — a view most Americans reject. It has also shown how radical Republicans are; although after pushing for this result for decades, because it made a good political weapon, they are now pretending its no big deal. We will all have to live with the catastrophic results of their zealotry.”

As I said yesterday at our rally – votes have consequences. Those consequences are judge appointments. And now we know just how much they will LIE (since that is the new trend) to get approved.

All elections and races are important, up and down the ballot, ALL!

Let’s make sure we all vote in August and November. Drag your friends and relatives to the polls. Help them sign up to Vote by Mail. Let’s get this thing turned around!

Government Meetings This Week

Wednesday, May 18 – The Key West City Commission will meet at 5pm in City Hall, 1300 White St., Key West, Fl. The Agenda is available here. There are items I am not crazy about on the consent agenda. Item#20 to be specific. Please read this agenda and go and speak up. I will be out of town and cannot attend!

Coming Events

Wednesday, May 18 – The Upper Keys Dems will meet in the community room at the Key Largo Public Library, Tradewinds Plaza, at 5:30pm. This will be in-person only, no ZOOM. Our Guest Speaker will be Danial Horton-Diaz, Candidate for Fl. House Dist. #120 seat.

Thursday, May 19 – Monroe County School Board Candidate Sue Woltanski is holding a Meet and Greet at the Barracuda Grill, 4290 Overseas Hwy, in Marathon from 4:30 to 6:30pm. Stop in to meet Sue and then come to the DEMS meeting!

Thursday, May 19 – The Middle Keys Dems will meet in the Community Room at the Marathon Public Library at 5:30pm. Our Guest Speaker will be Kevin Macauley – candidate for Marathon City Council. This will be a hybrid in-person/ZOOM meeting.

We are looking for some volunteers for our next texting campaign – email Phil at [email protected]

Pride Fest is coming up! We need some volunteers to man the Voter Registration Booth at the Street Fair on June 4 and walk with us in the Parade on June 5. I need some help with putting together our mobile entry in my truck! Email me – [email protected]

This is always a fun event and we get into lots of great conversations!!!

That’s it for now, See you this week!

Bert Sise/Chair


PS – I feel like I should say something about the domestic terror that continues to plague our country, egged on by the likes of Carlson/Hannity and Fox “News”, but I am unable to understand how our elected officials continue to allow the NRA free reign (with Russian money). The death toll is staggering and senseless! There are no words.

 “Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and their politicians as a joke!” – Will Rogers

Kudos to all the women, and a few men, who showed up on Tuesday in Key West and Key Largo to protest the news about the leaked document. There was another protest in Marathon on Friday as well. There will be more! WE WILL NOT GO BACK!

In my reading this week I found this gem from Fabiola Santiago in the Miami Herald. “Nearly one in four US Servicewomen report being sexually assaulted in the Military” (the Times reports). “Why has it been so difficult to change the culture?” The answer to the question dwells in the same territory as the abortion debate: because the needs of women take a backseat to the agenda of males who run the country.

Wake up America!

Maureen Dowd in the NY Times had a few choice words for “Justice” Alito. (That sounds like an oxymoron.)

“The founding fathers would be less surprised that there’s a popular musical about Alexander Hamilton than they would be that, in an age of space travel, the internet, Netflix and in vitro fertilization, the majority of the court is relying on a literal interpretation of a document conceived in the agrarian 1780s.

They would be devastated that the court is just another hack institution with partisan leaks. Alito helped open the door to dark money and helped gut the Voting Rights Act, but he wants to ban abortion largely because, he says, the Constitution doesn’t expressly allow it. That’s so fatuous. The Constitution doesn’t mention an awful lot of things that the court involves itself with. But while it expressly prohibits state-sanctioned religion, this court seems ready to let some rebel public school football coach convene a prayer session after games. These rogue justices are always ready to twist the Constitution to their purposes.

They are strict constructionists all right, strictly interested in constructing a society that comports with their rigid, religiously driven worldview. It is outrageous that five unelected, unaccountable, and relatively unknown political operatives masquerading as impartial jurists can so profoundly alter our lives.

Chief Justice Roberts has been trying to protect the court’s reputation by working to split the difference on some of these explosive decisions. He may be doing that in this case. But he has lost control of a lost-its-marbles majority. To borrow an image from the great Mary McGrory, “Roberts seems like a small man trying to walk a large dog. At this point, he can’t even see the end of the leash.”

She was way kinder than I would have been!

The Keys Dems voting members passed a resolution this week asking the senate and the President to throw out the filibuster and get some important legislation passed – codify Roe vs. Wade in its original form. Then we could pass national voting laws – simple rules that govern every election and get rid of the electoral college. This is being sent via certified mail.  However, I did email the President and Chuck Schumer. You can do that too! Take a few moments out of your day and make a call, send an email, write a letter.

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, May 10 – The Monroe County School Board will meet at 4:30pm in the Media Center At Coral Shores High School, 89901 Overseas Hwy, Tavernier, FL. For details & agenda, click here.

Tuesday, May 10 – Marathon City Council will meet at 5:30pm in Council Chambers at 9805 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL. For details, click here.

Wednesday, May 11 – The Utility Board of the City of Key West (Keys Energy Services) will meet in the Board room at 1001 James St, Key West, FL at 5pm. For details click here.

Thursday, May 12 – The Islamorada Village Council will meet at 3pm in the Founders Park Community Center, 87000 Overseas Hwy, Plantation Key. For details, agenda and zoom link, click here.

Thursday, May 12 – The City of Key Colony Beach City Commission will meet at 9:30am in the City Hall Auditorium & via Zoom. For more detail and agenda, click here.

Coming Events

Wednesday, May 11 – The Lower Keys Dems will meet at the Coral City Elks Club, 1107 Whitehead St, Key West, FL at 5:30pm. This meeting will be an in-person/hybrid zoom for those not ready for face-to-face. Our guest speaker will be Ray Warren, a retired attorney, and Circuit Court Judge. He will speak about the leaked Alito opinion and its ramifications.

Thursday, May 12 – The Keys Immigrant Coalition will meet at 5:30pm in the Klaus Murphy Center (between St. Mary’s Cathedral and Mary Immaculate School) on Truman Ave. Zoom or call in available.

Thursday, May 12 – The Stock Island Association will hold it’s monthly meeting at 7pm in the Bernstein Park Building. For more info, call Diane at 305-896-8678.

Saturday, May 14 – Bans off our Bodies Rally at Bayview Park, corner of Truman Ave and Eisenhower Dr. in Key West from 10am to noon or longer. There will be speakers, voter registration, music, and sign-making or bring your own. Sign letter to our elected officials in DC. Bring water, sunscreen, a hat, and a chair if you cannot stand. This event is being put on by members of NOW, ACLU, Women’s March, Ruth’s List, and the Keys Dems.

Saturday, May 14 – Pro-Choice Rally/Protest will be held from 10am – noon in Marathon on US1 in front of the old K-Mart store. Bring your own signs or use some of ours. Local activists and the Keys Dems are participating. Time to step up!

Wednesday, May 18 – The Upper Keys Dems will meet at 5:30pm in the Community Room at the Key Largo Library.

Thursday, May 19 – the Middle Keys Dems will meet at 5:30pm in the Community Room of the Marathon Public Library.


Now is the time to get involved. Sign up to volunteer!

I hope to see you soon!

Bert Sise/Chair


“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept!” – Angela Davis