Thank you to everyone who VOTED, encouraged others to vote, and refuted the Maga Cult BS.

I have said for some time that these folks are not the majority, they are just louder than the rest of us. (Ruder and cruder as well)

Many citizens who voted nationwide, knew what to do – protect Democracy.

Florida Democrats are not the majority, however. As a political party, we have suffered from poor leadership at the state level, FDP, and abandonment on the part of the DNC. Much like Tim Ryan’s race in Ohio, Val Demings, Robert Asencio, and many other Federal Candidates in Florida got little to no support from the DNC. The FDP seemed to do nothing but hand out directives, but no state candidate support, unlike the previous FDP leadership, for Adam Gentle.

Here in Monroe County, we are fortunate to have a team of savvy, dedicated citizens who work hard (for no money) to get out our voters and educate the electorate about the issues.
I am grateful to every one of them, who brings a lifetime of experience in many fields to collaborate on how to improve our communities, political discourse, and the quality of elected officials!

Congratulations to those DEMS who won in local municipal elections this week: Elizabeth Jolin and Henry Rosenthal in Islamorada for Village Council, and Jeff Smith in Marathon for City Commission.

Special thanks to our Fundraising team for their efforts to “raise the dough” that keeps us functioning.

Thanks to our Precinct Leaders for their GOTV efforts.
Thanks to the members of our Steering Committee who share their talents for the good of all.

Democracy survived this election. We must be ever vigilant to insure it continues to thrive!

Join us next week on the 17th for our final business meeting of the year. We will have election reports/stats, feedback from the Supervisor of Elections, and a little clue about our plans for next year.

See you soon!

Bert Sise/Chair

“Now is the time for all of us to come to the aid of our country”.

In Monroe County, 35% of the vote is in. We fielded volunteers this weekend to remind voters to get to the polls. It was hot and I got rained on, but there was work to be done. Thanks to all the folks who were walking and dropping bundles of Candidate lit and our list of endorsed candidates.

Thanks to Phil and his team of texters who have been busy reminding keys voters that they need to get to the polls.

Big Thanks to all the candidates who put themselves out there for public scrutiny and persevered through the primary to reach this point. It’s hard work and lots of time away from family.

Big Thanks to the team of Poll Watchers who have been monitoring the early voting locations up and down the keys.

The Big Show is Tuesday. Our Poll Watchers will have a lot more ground to cover.

We could use one or 2 more sign-holders in Key West. I have a few Crist & Asencio signs available. Email me if you are willing. [email protected]

After everyone VOTES, we will be gathering at the VFW on N Roosevelt Blvd in Key West in the back room to watch the results come in. The polls close at 7…so 7:30 or so, or go early and have some dinner. Great Food.

I hope to see you there!

Bert Sise/Chair

At 7 pm you can watch the results at home on MCTV – AT&T channel 99, Comcast channel 76

The Day of the DEAD!

It seems like an appropriate day for a RANT about those ZOMBIE-like creatures who appear brain-dead in their unquestioning loyalty to snake oil salesmen!

Why do they attack those who have the courage to speak out?

If any party is eating their young, it is the GOP! Adam Kinzinger has chosen to stand up for what is right, not “go along to get more power.” When a member of the Cheney family is willing to sacrifice their congressional seat to do the right thing and defend our Constitution, we need to be paying attention. The Lies just do not add up.

There are Lies and then there are Damn Lies! Like the subtle lies of not really telling the whole truth. We witnessed this recently when our “wanna-be prez” governor visited Marathon last week! He came for two reasons:

1. Give his donor buddy some free press for building an “eco-friendly” resort on Grassy Key. I don’t know how much natural vegetation must be destroyed to accomplish this project or where the permits are coming from, but as my late husband used to say, “Money talks”

2. Awarded money to the City of Marathon for a project involving sewer and infrastructure. Did he mention that the money came from the Biden Infrastructure bill? Hell no! That would be giving credit where credit is due. This is his favorite method of vote-buying; handing out Biden Administration Federal Funds, but making it seem like it is from him, like the bonuses he gave to first responders last year.

Honestly, Federal Funds given to a GOP-controlled Tallahassee are a perfect opportunity for misuse. (And vote-buying)

So, while I am on a roll, why did the totally GOP-controlled Monroe County Board of County Commissioners overturn the TDC’s ruling for the $150,000 drone show & concert? Are they not the same governing body that created the standards by which events are graded? Better yet, $190,000 for a new position for a Dept. that does not exist and probably will not for a while, if ever! Excuse me, but WTF!

Here is a perfect example of why we need single-member districts in Monroe County.

So, I am done venting for now. Thanks for reading my rantings, and VOTE!!!
Help save us from the brain DEAD and willfully ignorant!

Bert Sise/Chair

The news makes it truly feel like Halloween, and not in a good way. Remember that old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”? However, if the words are part of a Conspiracy theory or a political diatribe about an opponent – “the enemy,” some folks seem to think they have a mandate to use violence! We are, indeed, a democracy in decline.

Wake up, America!

Monroe County Election Update!

As of 5 pm Sunday, October 30, 21.6% of the vote is in.

Early Voting continues through 5 pm Saturday, November 5. The Keys Dems have 18 Poll Watchers on duty for the five polling locations throughout the Keys in addition to our attorney on duty.

Election day is November 8, from 7 am to 7 pm.
The Keys Dems are fielding 29 Poll Watchers who will be moving from Polling location to Polling location from Key West to Key Largo. They are trained to observe and report anomalies to our attorney on Duty. (there are 26 polling locations for our 33 precincts)

If you still have your mail-in-ballot, mail it NOW or drop in the Secure Ballot Intake Station, AKA, the DOP BOX available outside all early voting locations. These boxes are monitored all day and taken in after the polls close. Unlike Arizona, we do not have armed vigilantes scaring the crap out of voters who merely want to drop off their ballots.

Note – if you get a call from the Supervisor of Elections to let you know that the signature on your mail-in ballot does not match the signature on file, she is trying to help you “cure” that ballot so your vote will count. She does not have to do this. She is trying to help YOU! Don’t be an ASS!

For all things election and voting, click on this link:

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to happen to have the TV on and the voice I heard made me stop and watch. Pres. Obama was in Michigan rallying with Gov. Whitmer and others. I had forgotten what a great speaker he was! He is still the “Hope and Change” guy. And he cut right to the chase! Pres. Joe Biden is doing the same thing, in his own way, going from state to state and calling out the GOP BS! He will be in Miami on Tuesday for a rally with Charlie Crist, Val Demings, and others!

The Keys Dems have been busy as well.

We started a separate Fundraising initiative in 2021, the Seahorse Society, to help us raise money to support candidates. This year we have directly contributed a little over $20,000 to local & state level candidates. If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, click here:

We have also invested in a digital marketing campaign that allows us to reach people in ways that door to door canvassing does not, and in the language of the voter! This initiative drives over 500 people a day to our website for information about candidates and other issues on the ballot. If you would like to support this effort, click here:

We have addressed and mailed about 5000 postcards to voters in the last 2 weeks and our texting team has been busy reaching out to thousands of voters about the issues.

We could not have done any of these things without the support of our volunteers, donors, and Precinct Leaders!


Request for Election Day Sign-holders

You know how much you love seeing those folks on the corner waving the signs for their favorite candidate! Now is your chance to be one! See below for info on the person to contact for individual candidates.
Kim Highsmith – 954-249-4078
Adam Gentle – 305-709-9881
Sam Dorr for Robert Asencio – 786-417-0514
Charlie Crist – Bert Sise/Key West – 305-747-4569
             Laurie Swanson – Marathon – 973-508-8741
             Debra Walker – Key Largo – 305-394-5001

Hurricane Ian Recovery Info

If you have been impacted by Hurricane Ian and need help, you can apply for assistance in 2 ways.

1. Sign up online –

2. Call this number between 7 am and 11 pm 800-621-3362

November Events

Wednesday, November 2

  • Key West Drinking Liberally will meet in the back room of Sally O’Brien’s at 5:30 pm.

Tuesday, November 8

  • The Keys Dems will meet in the back room at VFW Post 3911, 2200 N Roosevelt Blvd in Key West, to watch the Election Returns starting at 7 pm.

Wednesday, November 16

  • Key West NOW will meet at 5:30 pm in the back room at Sally O’Brien’s, on the corner of Flagler and Bertha. Guests will be the founders of Queer Keys.

Thursday, November 17

  • The Keys Dems will hold their November meeting at 5:30 pm. This will be the only meeting of the month and will be a hybrid in-person/Zoom event from the Community Room at the Marathon Public Library. We will be showing the results and stats from the Election.

If everyone VOTES to restore sanity to our Democracy, we just might have something to truly be thankful for on Thanksgiving. Let’s make it happen!

I hope to see you soon!

Bert Sise/Chair

PS – Please feel free to share my Newsletter with like-minded friends and neighbors!


As a resident, homeowner and real estate professional for 33 years in Monroe County, I would like to speak out against the No #3 Constitutional Amendment on the November 8 ballot.

Our county has seen a huge increase in property values over the past ten years, which is great for property ownership equity. The problem becomes one of affordability for our needed workers in the Keys. While we enjoy this investment as homeowners, our public workers who depend on our tax dollars for their salaries find themselves priced out of the home market, or barely scraping by because they are underpaid. Many of our public workers who came to work in the Keys because of the lifestyle, have had to leave the area We must keep our quality teachers and other public workers by paying them a decent salary.

A cost of living pay raise would be the correct answer to solve this problem. Instead, Republicans put forward this amendment, which will only decrease taxes for workers who own their homes by about $50. And it will be of no help to those who have not been able to buy property and must continue to rent.

I oppose this amendment because it does nothing to solve the real problem causing our teachers and other workers to struggle financially and gives false hope to those who do not understand how little they will get.

Judy O’Hara Vetrick
Tavernier, FL

Let me comment for a minute about the Jan 6 Committee. For many of us who pay attention and have been around a while, we knew what we were looking at the minute 45 took office – a traitor, a con-man, and a bully.
I know that to get this far the committee had to be sure of every little fact and its place in the narrative. They did well. I was pleased to hear Ms. Cheney say they were referring to DOJ information on several individuals, not just the POS who started this coup attempt.

The insurrectionists, the plotters and the spoiled brat at the top must be held accountable, or we will see more of the same.

Here in the Gunshine State, the Gov. has been acting more like a governor, making it easier for folks to vote in the three counties most impacted by Hurricane Ian. He does not want to lose those county’s voters which makes me think this race might be closer than we think.

As voters we have serious decisions to make. On the Federal Level we have Marco Rubio being challenged by Val Demings. For $174,000 per year salary, he sure doesn’t show up for work very often. (And he says lots of stupid stuff)

Rep. Gimenez is another member of the Coup team and an old Trump Ally. In recent candidate forums he spouts standard GOP fear mongering rhetoric, which makes me wonder why he is so afraid of Biden’s re-staffing of the IRS. (Gutted by the GOP a few years back – Reagan & Bush#1)
He needs to go. Vote for a decent man who has spent his life in public service and cares about his country and honoring his oath of office, Robert Asencio.

On the state level we have an opportunity to get rid of a dangerous man – Ron DeSantis! A little man who takes big money from private interests, stirs up non-issue culture wars and solves NONE of the state’s problems. In fact, he, like his orange mentor, does not think the law applies to him. See page 61 of Sunday’s Miami Herald. Charlie Crist deserves our vote. He is not too progressive, but not too conservative, He’s just right!!!

There are State cabinet positions that need flipping as well. Adam Hattersley and Aramis Ayala are running for State CFO and State AG, respectively. Both are courageous and smart!

Adam Gentle is giving Rep. Mooney a run for his money. His sorry excuse for voting in favor of the 15-week abortion ban in Floriduh shows what he is made of.

As Democrats we must remember what we stand for and loudly call out the Lies! Reps Cheney and Kinzinger stood up to the ex-pres. The rest are spineless sycophants hoping the droppings from the King’s table fall their way.

Here is what you can do to help pull this country back from the brink! VOTE!
SUPPORT the Candidates!
Support the Keys DEMS efforts to increase informed voter turnout!
For more info on issues and candidates – visit our website page devoted to VOTING!
While on our website, check out our membership page or help us with office supplies or our Digital marketing efforts:

I have recently seen the ads by the GOP in the Keys Weekly regarding “Biden’s” inflation. Really!? The previous guy set the stage for this when he refused to act responsibly in the initial stages of the Pandemic. Meanwhile, America’s Oligarchs are having a banner year! Profits are up! Whatever happened to having a social conscience, doing what is best for your workers and the country?


If you are not reading Heather Cox Richardson, you should. Yesterday she put much of what is happening around the world in perspective. We are living in Dangerous times and we, the voters, must protect and defend our Democracy!

In Sunday’s Miami Herald, Leonard Pitts Jr. quotes from a Norah Jones song – American Anthem
“All we’ve been given by those who came before
the dream of a nation where freedom would endure
The work and prayers of centuries have brought us to this day
That will be our legacy? What will our children say?


Political Events this week

Wednesday October 19
• The Keys Dems will meet at 5:30pm in the Community Room of the Key Largo Public Library in Tradewinds Plaza, 101437 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo. Join us as we shift into high gear for this election.

• The Upper Keys BPW will host a Political Forum at 5pm in Islamorada at Whale Harbor Events. This event requires registering online and there is a fee. Check it out on their FB page.

Friday October 21
• The Keys Dems will host a Fundraiser on Key Colony Beach at the Home of Fred and Laurie Swanson. Fish & Sip with us as we enjoy fresh keys seafood and taste great wines. Bring a dish to share, we provide the fish and wine. More info and tickets, click here.
Thanks to the Volunteers who bundled up the post cards for us. If you can help address and mail these cards, please email Susie Trost – our Volunteer Coordinator.

Thanks again to the crew of the Argo Nevis. Our sunset cruise was a success. Many fresh faces and great conversations!

Thanks to our Fundraising team for another lovely event!

Thanks to all who have already voted. If you have not mailed your ballot, DO IT NOW!

You can also drop your ballot in the drop boxes at the early voting locations. Reminder, you can only drop your personal ballot, unlike previous years when you could pick-up ballots from friends and neighbors and drop those as well. (Thanks Ron-not)

Early voting starts next week – October 24. For all kinds of info on voting, click here.

If you want to be a poll watcher on Election Day, email Tricia King TODAY.

I hope to see many of you this week!
Stay safe and well!

Bert Sise/Chair

PS – the owner of the umbrella has been found!