How about the State of Kansas! Those voters got the message loud and clear and said NO! The state GOP tried to trick them with a misleading messaging campaign, and they still said NO! Grassroots organizing can counter lies. In Sunday’s Miami Herald Leonard Pitts shared these facts: “the victors in Kansas say they won that battle by knocking on over 60,000 doors, making over 600,000 phone calls and raising 6.5 million”. We took Roe V Wade for granted and look where that got us.

Human Rights must continuously be protected. “In 1870, Americans had added the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing that “the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” Heather Cox Richardson

Well, we all know how that worked out! When LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1965, it was 85 years after the 15th Amendment had guaranteed the same rights! And yet, after the “most Secure Election ever,” many states are back at it, finding ways to screw those who are “different” (as in male, white or Christian) out of their right to vote, marry, or have autonomy over their own bodies.

Don’t forget, the GOP also has a plan to eliminate Social Security and Medicare. They have been wanting to kill these programs for some time. Flush with their success at overturning Roe V Wade, they are now out in the open about terminating these Very Popular programs as well.


So, let’s talk good news!

The price of gas is dropping. Congress has passed the Inflation Reduction Act, The CHPS & Science Act, and the PACT Act! These are the kinds of bills that Democrats stand for that actually strengthen our economy and help our veterans.

The jobs report shows we are NOT in a recession. The President tested negative again and is feeling fine. And perhaps when his Dog bit the Secret Service guy, he sensed something the humans could not. (just sayin)

The GOP really hates it when the DEMS do something good for the country. We must shout these successes from the rooftops!

To insure we get more Legislative success, we must elect more Democrats to these high-level jobs. From Dogcatcher to President, I cannot, in good faith, vote for anyone who supports the Orange Grifter and his cult followers. Even Dick Cheney is speaking out against the propagator of “the Big Lie”!

Early Voting starts today in Monroe County! You can drop your Vote by Mail ballots in the Drop boxes at all early voting locations. For a list of Early Voting sites, click here.

Take your duties as a citizen seriously or you may lose your rights! Monitor what those elected do in your name by attending meetings of your local government entities. It’s easy and at times eye-opening.

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, August 9 – The Marathon City Council will meet at 5:30pm in City Hall, 9805 Overseas Hwy, Marathon. For details and agenda click here.

Tuesday, August 9 – The Monroe County School Board will meet at 5pm in the Media Center at Marathon High School, 350 Sombrero Rd., Marathon. For details & agenda click here.

Wednesday, August 10 – The Utility Board of the City of Key West (Keys Energy) will meet at 5pm in the Board Room at 1001 James St., Key West. For details & agenda click here.

Activist Events This Week

Monday, August 8 – The Keys Dems will hold their Key West meeting at 5:30pm in the Parish Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 401 Duval St. Key West. (entrance off Bahama Ln.) There is limited parking on site but a City lot 1 block away. This will be our last meeting in Key West before the Election Day, Aug. 23. Any candidates in town are welcome to attend and make their last minute ask! We will be discussing our strategy and detailing how you can help without leaving you house!

Sunday, August 14 – The Keys Dems will host our traditional Back to School Social at Mangrove Mama’s, MM19.9 on US#1, Sugarloaf Key, from 5-7:30pm. Our goal is to raise a little money to support our GOTV efforts and collect school supplies that will be given to the United Teachers of Monroe to dispense to needy students. A $35 ticket/donation gets you food, live music, door prizes and a chance to meet candidates. We will be in the rear, outdoor section of the restaurant where there is shade and fans. Enter through the rear door. Table service is provided for drinks (at your cost) Show up with a bag of school supplies and get 3 free door prize tickets. Reserve you spot now and get tickets at:

These candidates will be on hand for you to meet:

  • Sue Woltanski – School Board Dist. 5
  • Adam Gentle – Fla. House Dist. #120
  • Daniel Horton-Diaz – Fla. House Dist. #120
  • Robert Asencio – US Congress Dist. 28

Monday, August 15 – This is the deadline for applications for the 2022 Connie Gilbert Scholarship Fund. Email for info, NOW!

Wednesday, August 17 – The Keys Dems will meet at 5:30pm in the Community Room at the Key Largo Public Library in Tradewinds Plaza. Our Guest Speaker will be Robert Asencio – Candidate for Fl. US Congressional Dist. #28.

Sunday, August 21 – We Won’t Go Back March is scheduled for 11am – 2pm in Key West. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Please, Please VOTE and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You can google all the names on the ballot to get information about them.

The Keys Dems endorsements for Aug. 23:

  • Sue Woltanski – School Board
  • Kim Highsmith – Key West City Commission
  • Teri Johnston – Key West Mayor
  • All ballot initiatives – Yes

We are not allowed to endorse one Democrat over another in a Primary Election. The Voters make that choice, So, do it!!!

A Huge Thank You goes out to the Postcard addressing team. We sent in excess of 4000 postcards in the last 2 weeks!

Another Huge Thank You to our texting team. They are an integral part of our comprehensive GOTV messaging campaign. To learn more, attend a meeting!

Many of our candidates are looking for volunteers to hold signs on Election Day, August 23.

Here’s how to reach them to volunteer:

  • Sue Woltanski –
  • Adam Gentle –
  • Dan Horton-Diaz –

Bert Sise/Chair


PS- Yes, the wanna-be King of Florida now has the Medical board writing rules banning treatment for Trans people. Who’s next?

DeSantis is dangerous and needs to be defeated just like the voters defeated the change to their constitution in Kansas!

Just when you thought it was safe to not pay attention to the Fascist in the Governor’s mansion, he took a moment out of his Presidential campaign to continue to tighten his grip on the throats of unsuspecting Floridians.

Check this out. A few weeks back K-Ron ordered the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to develop a rule that denies Medicaid coverage for lifesaving, gender-affirming care to transgender Floridians. Now he has instructed his lapdog Surgeon General and the Fl. Dept of Health to propose the rule “standard of banned care” that will be heard by the Fl. Board of medicine this Friday, August 5. He is pressuring them to ignore their best judgement (because he is a doctor?).

This rule not only denies care to adults but interferes with parents right to care for their children. (isn’t he the parental rights guy?) It is another direct attack on the LGBTQ community. Please tell the Fl. Board of Medicine to reject this bigoted/homophobic BS by clicking here.

Thanks to the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida for this Action Alert.

Speaking of our Fascist Governor, this morning’s Miami Herald described him pretty accurately:

“Florida is the free state where no one is going to tell you what to do, the state of low unemployment, of a sunny economy. We are the state that welcomes Business” That is the image that Gov. DeSantis meticulously, albeit deceptively, has promoted.

“But the governor’s definition of freedom comes with handcuffs, a blindfold, a gag, and if necessary, a billy club for those who would disagree with his world view” Miami Herald Editorial Board.

We have an opportunity to get rid of this White Christian Nationalist Fascist. VOTE!

For those of you unfamiliar with the America First movement, google them. The Nazi’s are out of the closet.


We have elections this month that are an opportunity to make decisions about what kind of country we want to be. I am hopeful because many folks are curious about the candidates on the ballot and want to know more. You can google them all. You can find them on FB. Learn about the candidates in down ballot races. Make informed choices.

Attend local government meetings and see what is going on.

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, August 2 – The Key West City Commission will meet at 5pm in City Hall, 1300 White St, Key West. For details and agenda, click here.

Activist Events This Week

Monday, August 1 – Today is the last day to get school supplies to the Coral City Elks, 1107 Whitehead St., Key West as they end their drive for underprivileged children. Please deliver to the club or Call Ken Sullivan for pick-up at 305-896-5514.

Thursday, August 4 – The Key West Chapter of Drinking Liberally will meet at 5pm (new time) in the back room of Sally O Brien’s, on the corner of Flager Ave & Bertha St. Key West.

Thursday, August 4 – City Commissioner Sam Kaufman is hosting a meet and greet for Monroe County School Board Candidate Sue Woltanski from 5-7pm at the Southernmost VFW, Post 3911, 2200 N Roosevelt BLVD. Key West. She is a local, dedicated Public Education Advocate. Stop in and meet her!

Saturday, August 6 – There is a gathering at Nelson English Park in Key West from 12-4 to support the children of the neighborhood and gather school supplies. More than a dozen local churches and groups are supporting this event. Drop by and see old friends and bring school supplies!!!

We are fortunate to live in such a caring, giving community!

Keys Dems August Events!!!

We are hosting one of our favorite FUNdraising events on August 14 at Mangrove Mama’s on Upper Sugarloaf Key, MM 19.9 from 5-7pm. A $35 ticket will get you a picnic style buffet, live music, and candidates to meet in-person. We are collecting school supplies for the United Teachers of Monroe to hand out to those children who need them. When you bring school supplies – you will get three free door prize tickets! We will be in the large, shady outdoor area with lots of fans and tasty food. (Enter from the back door) Cash Bar with service at the table!

Reserve your spot now by clicking on this link:

Our meetings this month are as follows:

Lower Keys – August 8 in Key West

Upper Keys – August 17 in Key Largo

Middle Keys – August 25 in Marathon

Election info:

If you have your Vote by Mail ballot – fill it out and mail it or you can drop off at any Supervisor of Elections Office.

Early Voting will start on Monday, August 8 and those locations can be found at

Election day is August 23.

If you would like to volunteer as a poll watcher – email me. If you got a call from Tricia King regarding being a poll watcher, please call her back.

Special thanks to the texting team and our Vice chair –  Phil for his efforts!

Thanks to the team of volunteers who have been addressing post cards and getting them in the mail – 2300 plus cards in the last week. We have more to do, so let me know if you can help!

The Monroe County Democratic Executive Committee met over the weekend and made endorsements for the August Ballot:

  1. Sue Woltanski for School Board
  2. Kim Highsmith for Dist. 4 KW City Commission
  3. YES on all ballot measures

Remember that not only do we need to replace DeSantis with a normal person, but we also need to get rid of Marco Rubio, a lazy, lying, sorry excuse of a Senator who has consistently voted against any policy that would help the state of Florida and its citizens. He must go. Vote!

Many local races will be decided this month. VOTE!

I hope to see you at one of these events!

Bert Sise/Chair


The Keys Dems Delegation to Leadership Blue returned home late Sunday to a full schedule. No rest for the weary!

Last Monday night was Hometown’s first Candidate Forum of the season. It did not disappoint. Crazy people heckling from the audience and unique candidates on stage. If you missed it, click here.

I hope this helps you decide how to vote. In August, I urge you to vote for Sue Woltanski – School Board and Teri Johnston – Mayor of Key West. Vote for Kim Highsmith in the District 4 City Commission Race. Vote yes on the School funding referendum and Key Westers, please vote yes on the 99 yr. lease for the Botanical Garden. It will help them to obtain grants to make it even better than it is. Read the other ballot initiatives very closely for Key West and use Common Sense.

We, The Keys Dems, are prohibited from endorsing one Democrat over another in a partisan primary. You, the voters must make that decision. You can google the names you see on your absentee ballots and learn about the candidates. Or watch forums or attend meetings where a forum is part of the program, like one listed below later this week. Be informed. Be a voter! You can also look at the voting record of state elected officials at this website:

The only way to know what our local officials are doing is to attend meetings. Try it, you might be surprised! These local down ballot races have a great deal of impact on your daily life. VOTE!

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, July 26 – The Monroe County School Board will meet in City Hall, 1300 White St. in Key West at 5pm. For meeting details and agenda, click here.

Thursday, July 28 – The City Commission of the City of Key Colony Beach will meet at 9:30am in City Hall. For agenda & details, click here.

Activist Events This Week

Wednesday, July 27 – Key West NOW will meet at 5:30pm in the back room of Sally O’Brien’s on the corner of Flagler and Bertha, Key West. If you are ready to fight for women’s rights, you should join. The August March – “We Won’t go Back” organizers will be there to update the progress on this event.

Thursday, July 28 – The Middle Keys Dems will meet at 5pm (new start time) in the Community Room of the Marathon Public Library. This will be a hybrid Zoom/in-person meeting. Zooming in at 5:30pm will be Dan Uhlfelder – candidate for State Attorney General. Next on the agenda will be a forum between our two candidates for Florida House seat #120 – Daniel Horton-Diaz and Adam Gentle.

If you have questions you would like to ask Adam, Dan, or both, please send them to my email –

If you were an election volunteer/ Poll Watcher in 2020, we will be calling you to see if you are willing to do it again. We will retrain you. Please take the call from my assistant, Tricia King.

We are currently mailing postcards to voters to remind them about the August 23 Election. If you are willing to address some, let me know.

The Dedicated Dems of Florida City/Homestead hosted a forum last Friday for Congressional District 28 and Fla. House Dist. #120. If you would like to see it, here is a link to the recording.

The Coral City Elks Club is Collecting School Supplies for underprivileged children in Bahama Village. Please drop items at the Club, 1107 Whitehead St. in Key West before August 1. They open at 4pm everyday! Please help them out!

DEMS Fundraising Events

Sunday, August 14 – After 3 years of almost having this event, we are on track to host out Popular Back to School Social. This year we will be at Mangrove Mama’s on Upper Sugarloaf Key, MM 19.9, bayside. Park in the rear and enter from the rear into the outdoor dinning area where there is shade, fans, and your old friends! There will be candidates to meet and some live music. If you bring School Supplies for us to give to the United Teachers of Monroe, you will get three free door prize tickets! $35 donation per person gets you food and there will be table service for drinks (cash). Reserve your spot in advance at:

If you want to assist us in our efforts to elect good people who will protect and defend our Democracy; volunteer, or donate.

We are still watching a slow-motion coup attempt! Do not assume everything will work out OK. We must WORK to ensure that it does end up OK!

See you in the trenches!

See you soon!

Bert Sise/Chair


“The temptation is powerful to close our eyes and wait for the worst to pass, but history tells that for freedom to survive, it must be defended, and that if lies are to stop, they must be exposed.” Madeleine Albright

No rants this week. However, I have plenty of information to share as I, Phil Dodderidge, our Vice Chair, Linda Dodderidge, our Twitter Queen, Dakin Weekley – our state Committeeman and Trish McGrath – our proxy State Committeewoman will be in Tampa next weekend for a State Democratic Party event. (Meaning no newsletter next Monday.)

So, get your calendars, and make notes, as this is 2 weeks’ worth of information. Be sure to read to the bottom of this Newsletter. There are interesting tidbits of good news and local activism.

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, July 12 – The Marathon City Council will meet at 5:30pm at City Hall, 9805 Overseas Hwy., Marathon. For details and agenda, click here.

Thursday, July 14 – The Key Colony Beach City Commission will meet at 9:30 am in Marble Hall & via Zoom. For details and agenda, click here.

Thursday, July 14 – The Islamorada Village Council will meet at 5:30 pm in the Founders Park Community Center, 87000 Overseas Hwy. For agenda and Zoom link, click here.

Tuesday, July 19 – The Monroe County School Board will meet at 4:30 pm in the Media Center at Coral Shores High School, 89901 Old Hwy, Tavernier, Fl. For details/agenda, click here.

Tuesday, July 19 – The Key West City Commission will meet at 5pm in Council Chamber/City Hall, 1300 White St., Key West. Details & agenda not yet available.

Tuesday, July 19 – The Monroe County Mosquito Control Board will meet at 1 pm in their Headquarters located at 503 107th St. Marathon. For details, click here.

Coming Events

Monday, July 11 – The Lower keys Dems will meet, in-person only, at 5:30pm in the Parish Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 401 Duval St. Entrance is in the back, from Bahama St. Our speakers will be KW City Commission Dist. 4 Candidate Kim Highsmith and Mayor Teri Johnston. Both will talk about their campaigns and the mayor will explain the ballot questions regarding changes to the city charter.

Wednesday, July 20 – The Upper Keys Dems will meet at 5:30 pm in the Community Room of the Key Largo Public Library in Tradewinds Plaza, 101437 Overseas Hwy., Key Largo. Our Guest Speaker will be Robert Asencio, Democrat running for the Congressional Dist. 28 seat. We will also be meeting the FDP Regional Director for South Florida – John Munro.

Wednesday, July 20 – Key West NOW along with Adam Gentle, Democratic candidate for Florida House, is planning a forum on July 20 for women to meet and discuss their concerns, ideas, and issues. They have invited several women to speak and be available for Q&A. An Attorney, physician, sexual and domestic abuse organizations have been included. Attendees will be encouraged to speak and share: health, wages, childcare, housing, mental issues, whatever needs addressing so our community of women can actively work together. 5:30pm at 801 Georgia St. Key West.

Now for some Good News. President Biden has taken Executive Action to protect women from the states intent on punishing women who’s only crime is expecting to be able to control their own bodies. For all the details on this order, click on this link:

Key West Now is accepting applications for the Connie Gilbert Scholarship. The three $2,000  scholarships will go to Monroe County applicants who identify as female, and who wish to continue their higher education career or apply for a professional license. Applicants must be women returning to college from the workforce, seeking professional certification or licensing, or entering at least their second year of college. Deadline for applying is August 15, 2022. The application can be obtained by contacting

The Florida Democratic Party is looking to hire a Paid Field Organizer in and for Monroe County. This is a temporary job, running from hire date until the November Election. If you are interested, email me for more details or call John Munro, 786-222-5971

The Coral City Elks is collecting school supplies for students in these cash-strapped times. They need everything from tablets, laptops, backpacks, paper/pens/pencils. If you can help with supplies or a donation, please contact Ken Sullivan at 305-896-5514 or drop the items off at the Elks Club, 1107 Whitehead St. Key West, Fl. (they open at 4pm) School starts August 10.

I want to thank every organization that hosted events for July 4, the birth of our Nation. Founded on the principles of Liberty and Justice for All. We have made great progress, as a nation, in redefining who is included in “ALL” until recently.

Now we are going backward. We can discuss why “until the cows come home.” We must pay attention because this trend did not start with 45. He was the result of years of effort by a group intent on destroying Democracy while lining their pockets with loot, sort of like private equity firms, only pretending to be Christians.

There was a time I never thought I would be quoting Howard Stern, but I repeat – WAKE UP AMERICA!

Thanks to all who responded to my requests for volunteers!

Thanks to all who are supporting our GOTV efforts!

Please check out our website for info on voting, candidates, events and how you can help.

Special Thanks to Helen Dodderidge and Brandon Jones for their work on the website. It really looks great!

We are all in this together!

See you soon!

Bert Sise/Chair


“It is not the qualified voter, but the qualified voters who choose to vote, that constitute political power.” Abraham Lincoln

Ladies, this first paragraph is for you. If you are content to be breeding stock for a white man to use and abuse, please do not vote. For the rest of you, there is a serious decision to be made. Yes, as a lifelong Democrat, I am furious that the DEMS at the State and Federal level have not made us a priority. But know this, the other side NEVER will!

Women, people of all colors, genders, and sexual orientations, must use our weapon, VOTING, to elect individuals who will protect the rights of the rest of us. They (our elected officials) must stop asking us for money and promising they will do something and then not do it!!!

The GOP has worked for decades to take over the government and the courts! They claim they believe they are following the “original intention” of the Constitution. A document written by a bunch of mostly rich white slave owners 250 years ago!

Progress is not in their vocabulary, but they are quite adept at using the English language to confuse you, for instance, “Citizens United.” Not you and me my friend. The only citizens that are united are the corporate investors who finance their obedient candidates.

The rest of us must UNITE to elect candidates who will reverse Citizens United, Reinstate Roe v Wade and purge the court of the traitors! We must also purge Congress of the co-conspirators, which is easily done by not re-elected them. My hope is that the DOJ will also charge and convict them.

Here is a scary bit of information. While canvassing this week, one of my team reported that she spoke with several voters who had no idea there was an election in August! This is why we canvass! This why our work, volunteers all, is so important!

The GOP’s biggest weapon is sowing hate and fear to divide us and divert our attention from the slow-motion coup that is happening right in front of us.

Speaking of slow-motion coup, here’s a link to a little bit of info on part of their plan to rig elections.

Our Governor, K-Ron, is an expert at this tactic of passing laws for problems that do not exist while stirring up the culture wars. He does seem to have better control of his spoiled brat man child temper that his mentor, the other guy still pushing the BIG LIE! (It is a low bar, since he does practice revenge politics)


I recommend these three editorials from yesterday’s Miami Herald for perspective on world events and our own national crisis:

Mike Madrid on page 7C

Leonard Pitts Jr – also page 7C

Dan Le Batard – page 1C

I know that many folks do not think voting is enough. OK, then volunteer. Here are things you can help with:

  • Texting Campaign
  • Phone Banking
  • Write letters to the editor
  • Poll Watcher/Voter Protection
  • Canvass
  • Drive folks to the polls
  • Get petitions signed
  • Attend local government meetings
  • Email me or sign up on our website here

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, June 28 – The Monroe County School Board will meet at 4:30pm in the Media Center at Marathon High School, 350 Sombrero Rd. in Marathon. For details and agenda, click here.

Coming Events

Wednesday, July 6 – The Key West City Commission will meet at 5pm in City Hall/Commission chambers 1300 White St. Key West. Click here for the agenda.

Coming Events in July

Thursday, July 7 – Key West Drinking Liberally will meet at 5pm (NEW TIME) in the back room at Sally O’Brien’s on the corner of Bertha and Flagler.

Monday, July 11 – The Lower Keys Dems will meet at 5:30pm in the Parish Hall of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 401 Duval St. The entrance is off Bahama St. in the rear. We will host Key West City Commission, District 4 Candidate Kim Highsmith, as well as Mayor Teri Johnston.

Wednesday, July 20 – The Upper Keys Dems will meet at 5:30pm in the Community Room at the Key Largo Public Library in Tradewinds Plaza, 101437 Overseas Hwy., Key Largo. Speaker TBA

Thursday, July 28 – The Middle Keys Dems will meet at 5pm in the Community Room at the Marathon Public Library, 3490 Overseas Hwy, Marathon. This will be a hybrid ZOOM/in-person meeting with a visit from Daniel Uhlfelder – candidate for State Attorney General. We will also host a forum between our two candidates for Florida House Seat #120 – Adam Gentle and Daniel Horton-Diaz. Send me your questions or enter in the zoom chat that night.

Today I will celebrate Independence Day as an originalist! We obtained our freedom from the King of England because we did not want to be taxed without representation AND we did not want religion interfering with Government! (DUH!)

Today, the Keys Dems will be participating in the Key Largo 4th of July Parade, and we will be joined by candidates Nikki Fried, Robert Asencio, Jason Smith, Adam Gentle and Daniel Horton-Diaz!

Show them some love for showing up in the heat!!!

Whichever way you celebrate, please be safe and patient on the highway.

Upcoming Fundraisers & Committee Events

August 14, Back to School Fundraiser @ Mangrove Mama’s, details soon

September 11 – Jazz happy Hour at the Gardens Hotel in Key West, details soon

October 13 – Sunset Sail on the Argo Nevis

Candidates – put these on your calendars, too!

In the meantime, If you can support our Digital Marketing effort, please click on this link:

Thanks to our Precinct Leaders and volunteers for their efforts in these stressful times.

Remember to encourage every voter to vote in the August Election. It is not just for partisans anymore! There are non-partisan races that will be decided and a ballot initiative that all voters can vote on!

See you soon!

Bert Sise/Chair


Here is a little video about the ERA and the history of Abortion. Something to think about.

June 24, 2022, is another day that will go down in history as the day the American Taliban/GOP flexed its muscle to curb the freedoms of half the population! I fear it is not the end of the rights they would like to recall.

WHY? Power and Control of women! Why? To further the cause of White Male Supremacy and get rid of the line between church and state. (My opinion-based on observation and lots of reading.)

Our ex-Governor, Rick Scott (another guy who took the fifth after his company defrauded Medicare out of Millions) has published what he wants to be the GOP platform for 2022. Get rid of Social Security and Medicare!!! Just let people die!


The GOP has been trying to kill these social programs ever since FDR gave us the NEW DEAL! We must use these issues as a litmus test for all candidates running for office. But we must also look at their backgrounds. They might look pretty and say all the things you want to hear but be wary! Who is backing them? Follow the money folks. It is not hard to do.

Elections have consequences, and the Supreme Court is the Supreme Prize! Congress has been deadlocked for so long they rely on the court to get what they want. We must tip the balance of Power. And then we MUST get rid of Citizens United!

For those of you following the January 6 Select Committee Hearings, I am thankful for those Republicans who stood up to the BIG LIE at great personal risk. Listening to the testimony in the fourth hearing from top election officials down to election workers counting ballots, I am heartened by their conviction, courage, and dedication to the constitution. However, the cruelty and bullying by Trump and his fellow conspirators is criminal and must be reckoned with! He truly is a clear and present danger to our country!

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the protest at Bayview Park Friday in Key West. There was also a small protest in Marathon. Tears were shed, stories shared, and hugs passed around! Thanks to Darlene Thomas, President of Key West Now, for her swift response to the news. We mourned, but we are angry and not going to shut up or stop fighting for our rights. Some thoughtful voting can fix this!

Then we must make sure that those we elect, do the right thing! That is why we go to meetings!

Last Thursday at the Middle Keys Dems meeting, new candidate for Marathon City Council, Richard Tamborrino was asked a question about water quality. He did not know the answer but did some research and has reported back. The Monroe County Health Department tests nearshore waters every 2 weeks. (I did not know that.) If you have questions about storm water run-off and the sewer system in Marathon, you can call Carlos Solis, Marathon Public Works, and Engineering for more details. Thanks Richard! 

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, June 28 – The Monroe County School Board will meet at 4:30pm in the Media Center at Marathon High School, 350 Sombrero Rd. in Marathon. For details and agenda, click here.

Coming Events

Monday, July 4 – The Keys Dems will be participating in the 46th Annual Key Largo 4th of July Parade. The parade route is from Anthony’s at the 98.2 MM north to MM100. We will have candidates marching with us. We step-off at 10am.

Thursday, July 6 – Key West Drinking Liberally will meet at 5PM (NEW TIME) in the back room at Sally O’Brien’s on the corner of Flagler and Bertha.

Monday, July 11 – The Lower Keys Dems will meet in the Parish Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 401 Duval St at 5:30pm. Enter from the Bahama St. side. We will be hosting a forum between the two candidates running for School Board in Dist. 1, Gabrielle Brown and Darren Horan.  Bring your questions. Parking is available in the city lot next to the fire station. Free with a residential sticker.

Candidate Events this week

Tuesday, June 28 – Kim Highsmith is holding a meet and greet in the back room at Sally O’Brien’s from 5-7pm. She is running for Key West City Commission District 4.

Note to all Candidates – All social media posts should be sent to Brandon Jones who runs our Facebook page. He can be reached at

Keys Democrats – As we gear up our Get Out The Vote efforts, we need your help. This year it will be a combination of door-to-door canvassing and digital marketing. Click here to donate:


Thank You!

We are coming up on a 3-day weekend, traffic will be nuts and then there’s fireworks! Please be patient and safe.

We have a country to save!

Bert Sise/Chair


“Cynicism and idealism are mutually exclusive. We cannot be defined by both. We can be a nation bound by the aspiration to simple values. Or, no values at all” Leonard Pitts Jr. / Miami Herald