Alert # 2 for this week. FREEDUMB!

Florida Keys Democrats: Donkey and Elephant Logos

And another assignment!
Anti-democratic legislation can take away the freedoms of individuals OR communities. The FL House may vote this next week on several bills that, if passed, will take away those freedoms and send them to the Governor’s desk for signature into law. Please contact your individual State House Representatives before Thursday and ask them to VOTE NO on the following bills: 

  • HB 7 / SB 300 The “Near Total Abortion Ban” — Essentially eliminates reproductive freedom by prohibiting abortions after 6 weeks gestation before many girls/women even know they are pregnant; provides exceptions for rape and incest only up to 15 weeks and only if victims can prove the violent act with official documentation, which only increases the burden; funds an additional $25 million per year to fund anti-abortion fake clinics, where untrained volunteers or staff regularly give medically inaccurate and potentially dangerous pregnancy information and where they are not bound by state and federal privacy laws that prevent sharing that information with others.
  • HB 1421 / SB 254 The “Trans ban bill” bans gender-affirming health care treatments for children even with parental consent, and places more barriers for adults to receive gender-affirming medical care; gives Florida courts jurisdiction over custody determination for a child present in Florida to the extent necessary to protect the child from being subjected to gender-affirming treatments in another state, and criminalizes healthcare providers who defy the new laws to provide gender-affirming care.
  • HB 555 / SB 450 Jury Recommendations in Death Penalty Cases — States that a jury can recommend a death sentence if only eight jurors agree out of twelve. Florida already has more innocent people on death row than any other state. This will only make it worse.
  • HB 1515 / SB 170 Local Ordinances — A major state preemption bill that would empower business owners to sue cities and counties for passing local ordinances that cause them to lose money. While the legal process grinds through its hearing process, the local government would have to suspend enforcement of the ordinance in question. The types of local policies that could be eradicated because of this legislation include noise ordinances, parking regulations, and food safety permits. The freedom of local home rule would become a myth.
  • DO NOT GIVE YOUR HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES A PASS! Let them know you are watching and hold them accountable for their continued efforts to limit freedoms in Florida. And please thank those Representatives who are standing up for Democracy.
  • Thank you,
  • Jean Siebenaler

Rep. Mooney’s Phone Number -(850) 717-5120