Letter from the Chair – August 8, 2022

How about the State of Kansas! Those voters got the message loud and clear and said NO! The state GOP tried to trick them with a misleading messaging campaign, and they still said NO! Grassroots organizing can counter lies. In Sunday’s Miami Herald Leonard Pitts shared these facts: “the victors in Kansas say they won that battle by knocking on over 60,000 doors, making over 600,000 phone calls and raising 6.5 million”. We took Roe V Wade for granted and look where that got us.

Human Rights must continuously be protected. “In 1870, Americans had added the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing that “the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” Heather Cox Richardson

Well, we all know how that worked out! When LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1965, it was 85 years after the 15th Amendment had guaranteed the same rights! And yet, after the “most Secure Election ever,” many states are back at it, finding ways to screw those who are “different” (as in male, white or Christian) out of their right to vote, marry, or have autonomy over their own bodies.

Don’t forget, the GOP also has a plan to eliminate Social Security and Medicare. They have been wanting to kill these programs for some time. Flush with their success at overturning Roe V Wade, they are now out in the open about terminating these Very Popular programs as well.


So, let’s talk good news!

The price of gas is dropping. Congress has passed the Inflation Reduction Act, The CHPS & Science Act, and the PACT Act! These are the kinds of bills that Democrats stand for that actually strengthen our economy and help our veterans.

The jobs report shows we are NOT in a recession. The President tested negative again and is feeling fine. And perhaps when his Dog bit the Secret Service guy, he sensed something the humans could not. (just sayin)

The GOP really hates it when the DEMS do something good for the country. We must shout these successes from the rooftops!

To insure we get more Legislative success, we must elect more Democrats to these high-level jobs. From Dogcatcher to President, I cannot, in good faith, vote for anyone who supports the Orange Grifter and his cult followers. Even Dick Cheney is speaking out against the propagator of “the Big Lie”!

Early Voting starts today in Monroe County! You can drop your Vote by Mail ballots in the Drop boxes at all early voting locations. For a list of Early Voting sites, click here.

Take your duties as a citizen seriously or you may lose your rights! Monitor what those elected do in your name by attending meetings of your local government entities. It’s easy and at times eye-opening.

Government Meetings This Week

Tuesday, August 9 – The Marathon City Council will meet at 5:30pm in City Hall, 9805 Overseas Hwy, Marathon. For details and agenda click here.

Tuesday, August 9 – The Monroe County School Board will meet at 5pm in the Media Center at Marathon High School, 350 Sombrero Rd., Marathon. For details & agenda click here.

Wednesday, August 10 – The Utility Board of the City of Key West (Keys Energy) will meet at 5pm in the Board Room at 1001 James St., Key West. For details & agenda click here.

Activist Events This Week

Monday, August 8 – The Keys Dems will hold their Key West meeting at 5:30pm in the Parish Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 401 Duval St. Key West. (entrance off Bahama Ln.) There is limited parking on site but a City lot 1 block away. This will be our last meeting in Key West before the Election Day, Aug. 23. Any candidates in town are welcome to attend and make their last minute ask! We will be discussing our strategy and detailing how you can help without leaving you house!

Sunday, August 14 – The Keys Dems will host our traditional Back to School Social at Mangrove Mama’s, MM19.9 on US#1, Sugarloaf Key, from 5-7:30pm. Our goal is to raise a little money to support our GOTV efforts and collect school supplies that will be given to the United Teachers of Monroe to dispense to needy students. A $35 ticket/donation gets you food, live music, door prizes and a chance to meet candidates. We will be in the rear, outdoor section of the restaurant where there is shade and fans. Enter through the rear door. Table service is provided for drinks (at your cost) Show up with a bag of school supplies and get 3 free door prize tickets. Reserve you spot now and get tickets at: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/2022schoolsupplies

These candidates will be on hand for you to meet:

  • Sue Woltanski – School Board Dist. 5
  • Adam Gentle – Fla. House Dist. #120
  • Daniel Horton-Diaz – Fla. House Dist. #120
  • Robert Asencio – US Congress Dist. 28

Monday, August 15 – This is the deadline for applications for the 2022 Connie Gilbert Scholarship Fund. Email kwnowinfo@gmail.com for info, NOW!

Wednesday, August 17 – The Keys Dems will meet at 5:30pm in the Community Room at the Key Largo Public Library in Tradewinds Plaza. Our Guest Speaker will be Robert Asencio – Candidate for Fl. US Congressional Dist. #28.

Sunday, August 21 – We Won’t Go Back March is scheduled for 11am – 2pm in Key West. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Please, Please VOTE and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You can google all the names on the ballot to get information about them.

The Keys Dems endorsements for Aug. 23:

  • Sue Woltanski – School Board
  • Kim Highsmith – Key West City Commission
  • Teri Johnston – Key West Mayor
  • All ballot initiatives – Yes

We are not allowed to endorse one Democrat over another in a Primary Election. The Voters make that choice, So, do it!!!

A Huge Thank You goes out to the Postcard addressing team. We sent in excess of 4000 postcards in the last 2 weeks!

Another Huge Thank You to our texting team. They are an integral part of our comprehensive GOTV messaging campaign. To learn more, attend a meeting!

Many of our candidates are looking for volunteers to hold signs on Election Day, August 23.

Here’s how to reach them to volunteer:

  • Sue Woltanski – sue@woltanski4school.com
  • Adam Gentle – adam@adamfordemocracy.com
  • Dan Horton-Diaz – daniel@danielforflorida.com

Bert Sise/Chair


PS- Yes, the wanna-be King of Florida now has the Medical board writing rules banning treatment for Trans people. Who’s next?

DeSantis is dangerous and needs to be defeated just like the voters defeated the change to their constitution in Kansas!