by Roger C. Kostmayer

For the first time in a while there’s a spark in the Democratic candidate and his team. When giving a speech recently he began to sound like the thoughts were actually coming from him, and not just from a teleprompter.

Joe Biden is an undeniably nice and decent human being with lots of experience and empathy – and no future political ambitions.  This is not a bad profile for these times.  Joe now seems to understand where history is taking him, and the FDR role he must play to pull our divided nation out of a health, unemployment, racial injustice and global warming nose dive.

As President, Joe Biden will be a pragmatic and transformational leader who has no choice but to produce big solutions for big problems, and I suspect both he and his constituents will rise to the struggle.  Unlike the current regime, Joe will faithfully follow the Constitution, and won’t focus only on finding ways to take all the credit and denigrate everyone else.  In part, that’s because the Biden administration will have competent expertise and talent, and Joe Biden, as President, will be secure enough to listen.