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by Debra Walker, State Committeewoman for Monroe County and Upper Keys Co-Chair.

Any basic economic theory text considers the contrast between a public good and a private good.  In general, a public good is defined as something that benefits society overall, while a private good benefits the individual.  By definition, private goods are marketable and can be bought and sold, but public goods are sponsored by the community at large, generally through taxes, and all benefit from the service.

The grand outline for what constitutes the public or “common good” is itemized in the Preamble to the US Constitution: Read more

by Roger C. Kostmayer In the midst of a deadly and highly contagious epidemic, one unlike any we have seen in our lifetime, the President of the United States wants to overrule our Constitution and give himself, and all future Presidents, what he calls “total authority” over States’ decisions about when to reopen their economies […]

by Stuart Strickland, Precinct #8 Captain, Key West

We can all agree we are living in extraordinary times.  Our entire way of life is changing very rapidly.  We stay at home.  We wear face masks.  We social distance.  But what about of one of our most fundamental constitutional rights and, I say, duties—the right to VOTE? Read more